Secret US CIA imprisonment in Ethiopia

This video is called CIA Rendition in the Horn of Africa (Part 2 of 3).

Part 1 is here.

Part 3 is here.

From Shabelle Media Network in Somalia:

Somalia: Ethiopia Accused of Secret Captivity for 76

7 July 2007
Posted to the web 9 July 2007

Aweys Osman Yusuf

At least 76 people captured while fleeing the war in Somalia in January are still being held in Ethiopia under a program of secret prisoner renditions backed by the United States, Kenya and Somalia, human rights activists said yesterday.

The Muslim Human Rights Forum, a Kenyan advocacy group, said that the prisoners — including 17 Kenyan citizens and 20 Ethiopians — were being held incommunicado and in violation of international prisoner conventions, and could be at risk of torture.

Most of the Ethiopians in custody are members of ethnic groups waging separatist campaigns against Ethiopia.

The Muslim group’s report, titled “Horn of Terror,” provides the fullest accounting so far of the fates of 152 people from 21 countries who were arrested in a shadowy anti-terrorism operation, run by U.S. allies in the Horn of Africa, that activists think had the backing of American officials.

The captives included three Americans, questioned by FBI agents in Nairobi.

Human rights groups have questioned whether the renditions were part of a Bush administration policy — its detention practices are under congressional scrutiny — to have other countries hold terrorism suspects.

11 thoughts on “Secret US CIA imprisonment in Ethiopia

  1. Kenya: Shame in the Horn of Terror

    East African (Nairobi)

    31 July 2007
    Posted to the web 31 July 2007

    L Muthoni Wanyeki

    A shocking report entitled Horn of Terror just released by Kenya’s Muslim Human Rights Forum details the Kenya government’s culpability in the renditions, incommunicado detention and disappearances of over 100 people from December 2006 to the present.

    Some were arrested fleeing the conflict created by the Ethiopian army’s entry into Somalia to rout the Islamic Courts Union. Others were their family members, including women and children, arrested at various locations in Kenya – primarily in the north and at the Coast.

    These people were citizens of 21 states, including Kenya. Thirty were eventually either released in Kenya or repatriated to their home countries. Four were charged in Kenyan courts. Four remain unaccounted for. And the rest – all 114 of them – were extraordinarily rendered first to Somalia and then to Ethiopia and thence at least one was sent to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

    While most of the 114 are believed to be Kenyan, the MHRF has been able to prove the Kenyan citizenship of only 18 of them – in part because the identification documents they held were apparently confiscated during interrogations in Nairobi.

    Constitutional and legal violations. Denial of due process. Arbitrary detention. Incommunicado detention, denying access by family members, legal counsel, medical counsel and (in the case of the citizens of the 20 other countries involved) consular representation. Detention far beyond the legal 24 hour period for detention without charge and even the maximum of 14 days permissible for pre-trial detention with respect to capital offences. Detention without trial. Interrogation on Kenyan soil not only by Kenyans, but by Americans who apparently led the whole process. Torture during the interrogation periods here (as well as alleged torture in the countries to which the 114 were rendered).

    OTHER INTERNATIONAL HUMAN rights violations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Convention Against Torture, the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law relating to asylum seekers. Non-refoulement (not being sent back) for legitimate asylum-seekers fleeing the renewed conflict in Somalia who made it through despite Kenya’s illegal closure of the borders. And, almost unbelievably, effectively rendering Kenyan citizens stateless.

    These are grave violations of the kind that should be blared from the rooftops by the media house and have all of us marching in the streets in protest. They should make heads roll.

    But they have not. The media houses have tended to cover the issues from a security perspective, without interrogating what is being done in the name of security. And we have sat back, sighed in frustration at the Somalis being at it once again-and the Muslims creating a fuss yet again. Which just goes to show the depth of our prejudices and stereotypes.

    For Kenyan Muslims are us. The fact the US-backed operation in Somalia – facilitated with alacrity by Ethiopia and Uganda and more quietly by us – has opened yet another chapter in Somalia’s conflict, is our problem too.

    The bigger question is what the Kenyan government is getting from doing this to its own citizens?

    Was it as simple as banking some American goodwill and money? If so, for what? We can blame the anti-terrorism police unit as much as we want. But the fact is that deals like this would have been arranged far over that unit’s head. By whom? And again, for what? I think some hard questions need to be asked of our Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Internal Security – and of our presidency too.

    L. Muthoni Wanyeki is a political scientist based in Nairobi


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