Conservation in Eritrea

This video is called BABOONS IN ERITREA.

From (Asmara, Eritrea):

Eritrea: New Scheme to Be Introduced As Regards Conservation of Trees and Wild Animals – Ministry

16 May 2012

Asmara — The Ministry of Agriculture said that new work scheme would be introduced to back up endeavors as regards conservation of trees and wildlife.

Mr. Arefaine Berhe, the Minister of Agriculture, explained on the occasion of National Afforestation Day that remarkable accomplishments have been made in the conservation of wildlife, and that a new work scheme would be introduced to facilitate the achievement of the set goal.

The meeting took a note of 5.3 million seedlings that were planted in a total of 2,115 hectares, in addition to the significant outcome registered in soil and water conservation through nation-wide popular activities. It further assessed that increased endeavors are essential to ensure sufficient use of the energy-saving wood stove, Adhanet.

The participants on their part put forth views pertaining to promotion of grassland enclosures to the level of complete wood enclosures, execution of corrective mechanisms for misdeeds in tree destruction, examination of designate afforestation sites and community sensitization programs regarding conservation of trees and wild animals.

Reports indicate that the Administration of Central region has won 10 thousand Nakfa and Dima award for impressive accomplishment in soil and water conservation, increased resort to Adhanet stove, and that individuals and different institutions also won such award.

The plantation of tree seedlings in the Expo area also featured in connection with activities undertaken in connection with the day.

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