Colombia’s ecosystems

This video is called Colombia from Above: Bogotá Skyscrapers – Conservation International (CI).

This video is called Colombia from Above: Marshlands in Bogotá – Conservation International (CI).

This video is called Colombia from Above: Páramos of Chingaza – Conservation International (CI).

From Conservation International:

A Bird’s-Eye View of Colombia’s Fragile Beauty (Part 3 of 3)

Last year, CI cameraman John Martin traveled to Colombia to document the threatened páramo ecosystems that supply critical fresh water to Bogotá. Back in March, we brought you the first two parts of John’s behind-the-scenes look at filming spectacular aerial footage; here’s the conclusion of his story. Check out his previous posts.

Bogotá’s weather can change from one minute to the next. This high-elevation plateau city of about 8 million inhabitants is often blessed with blue skies and plenty of sun, but can also be veiled in fast-passing clouds loaded with moisture. We are on our second day of filming the páramos surrounding Bogotá from the air. Our target site now is the páramos of Chingaza, but the weather forecast provided by the control tower is not favorable for flying there.

This video is about the threatened páramo ecosystems near Bogotá.

May 2013. A new global standard in assessing environmental risk, the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems, has been trialled on 20 ecosystems spanning six continents and three oceans: here.

Nature reserve in Bogotá, Colombia: here.

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