Upcher’s warbler ringed in Bahrain

Along with the sad news from dictatorially ruled Bahrain, there is sometimes good news. Eg, about birds.

Upcher's warbler, photo by Jem Babbington

From Birds of Saudi Arabia blog:

12 June 2012

Upcher’s Warbler Identification – Al Ali Farm (Bahrain)

Whilst ringing at Al Ali Farm in Bahrain at the weekend we caught an Upcher’s Warbler. It was caught in a mist net set between a long stand of trees and was a new ringing species for Nicole so she ringed the bird. The species breeds from Turkey eastwards to Kazakhstan and winters in Eastern Africa from Eritrea to Tanzania. I took a few photos and looked at it closely in the hand as it was nice to see clearly the main identification pointers separating it from Eastern Olivaceous Warbler.

3 thoughts on “Upcher’s warbler ringed in Bahrain

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