Ethiopian invaders kill Somali civilians

From Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu, Somalia):

Somalia: Ethiopian Troops ‘Kill Civilians’ in Central Somalia

24 January 2012

Mogadishu — The Ethiopian troops in the town of Beledweyn in Hiran region, central Somalia have deliberately shot and killed at least three civilians over Al-shabab suspicion, reports said on Tuesday.

Shabelle Media reporter in the town say, the Ethiopian soldiers have separately killed on Tuesday afternoon three persons, including teenagers and a well-known businessman, whom they blamed to have links with Al-shabab militants.

The Ethiopian military officials in Beledweyn town, the capital city of Hiran region in central Somalia said that they killed three Al-shabab fighters, promising further hunting down and operations against the remnants of Al-shabab in the town.

Somalia: Ethiopian Troops Enter Gedo Region: here.

February 2012: Survival International has uncovered shocking new evidence of human rights abuses against tribes in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, as government efforts to develop lucrative sugar cane plantations in the region intensify: here.

November 2017: again Ethiopian invasion of Somalia.

13 thoughts on “Ethiopian invaders kill Somali civilians

  1. Spy plane crash leaves 4 dead in Africa

    Tuesday 21 February 2012

    A US spy plane crashed six miles from the only US base in Africa on Saturday, killing four soldiers on board, the Pentagon admitted on Monday.

    The military said the crash occurred at about 8pm in Djibouti and that US personnel from Camp Lemonnier had raced to the scene. The cause of the crash is reportedly under investigation.

    Camp Lemonnier lies just miles from the border with Somalia.

    Specialist Ryan Whitney said initial indications are that the plane did not crash because of hostile fire and that the plane had been conducting an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission.

    A statement from US Africa Command called it a “routine” flight.

    Amy Oliver, public affairs director of the Air Force 1st Special Operations Wing, said the single-engine, fixed-wing U-28A was returning from a mission in support of occupation forces in Afghanistan.

    As well as hosting Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti is home to the largest French army camp in Africa.


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