Bush’s Ethiopian allies condemn oppositionists to death in show trial

This video is on the massacre in Ethiopia of protesters against election rigging in 2005.

From British daily The Guardian:

Ethiopian opposition leaders face death penalty in show trial

Xan Rice, east Africa correspondent
Monday July 9, 2007

Ethiopian prosecutors have called for the death penalty for 38 opposition politicians and activists convicted of inciting violence following disputed general elections two years ago.

The defendants include the mayor-elect of Addis Ababa and several MPs from the Coalition for Unity and Democracy, which accused the ruling party of the prime minister, Meles Zenawi, of rigging the vote. In the ensuing mass protests, government forces killed 193 civilians, injured nearly 800 and arrested tens of thousands of people, including most opposition leaders. The crackdown was widely condemned abroad and led to cuts in donor aid.

9 thoughts on “Bush’s Ethiopian allies condemn oppositionists to death in show trial

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