Somalia now, over a million refugees

This video is about Somalia and the invasion of Somalia by Ethiopia backed up by the U.S.A.

From the United Nations News Service in New York, USA:

Somalia: Number of Displaced Hits 1 Million Mark – UN Agency

20 November 2007

The number of people displaced within Somalia by recent violence has hit the 1 million mark, a spokesperson for the United Nations refugee agency said today, warning that conditions are worsening as numbers swell.

Of this figure, 600,000 have fled the “lawless Somali capital, Mogadishu,” Jennifer Pagonis of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told journalists in Geneva. One third of those left “entire neighbourhoods in the volatile capital empty” over the past two weeks alone.

Mogadishu is also now home to an estimated 43,000 internally displaced people (IDPs), a 10,000 increase from a week ago, UNHCR said.

Maybe some people had told George W. Bush and Zenawi of Ethiopia, that invading Somalia would be a ‘cakewalk‘.

Another confirmation of an earlier United Nations statement, that the war in Somalia of George W. Bush and his dictatorial Ethiopian proxy Zenawi is far worse than the bloody conflict in Darfur, Sudan.

Like the neo-colonial war of Bush’s French crony Sarkozy in the Central African Republic is also so much worse that refugees flee from there … to Darfur!

Darfur is the pet showcase for neo-conservatives and “liberal hawks”. They, after over a million dead in Iraq and still counting, still propagate their deathly lies about “humanitarian intervention”. Not because of the very real suffering of residents in and refugees from Darfur, but because there is oil in Sudan. And Big Oil corporations in the USA would like to see more of that in their hands.

Somali journalist Abdisalam Guled witnessed the rise of the Union of Islamic Courts and the US-backed invasion by Ethiopian troops: here.

Somalia: The World’s forgotten catastrophe: here.

Africom: Bush’s ‘war on terror’ spreads to Africa: here.

Kenya, January 2008: here.

16 thoughts on “Somalia now, over a million refugees

  1. [This comment, by Abdi, was wrongly stopped by over sensitive automatic anti spam software at this blog; and is restored here:]

    I would like to tell the world that the bush administration are behind all this death and chaos in somalia.

    They told dictator meles of ethiopia to invade somalia and return the hated warlords (the same ones that killed 18 american marines in 1993) to flush out the real government of somalia that gave somalia 6 months of blessed peace.

    The bush administration said that the UIC government of somalia had connections to al qaeda.
    They still have never come with no evidence to prove their unfounded allegations.

    The world is watching the hypocrisy of the west, they scream abt darfur but yet their hands are soak in blood in somalia.

    1.4 million people are on the verge on death without food, clean water, shelter or even security.

    Like i said the world is watching, but they do not even tell the ethiopian troops to leave the somali people alone in peace yet they always yell abt the janjaweed killing people in darfur.

    The world is watching as mothers and children starve in somalia thanks to George Bush.

    The real terrorist is the Bush administration, they call themselves the most powerful country in the world and yet they wage war on the women and children of somalia, in the poorest part of africa.


  2. Somalia: Mogadishu Mayor is Opposing the TFG Charter

    Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

    27 November 2007
    Posted to the web 27 November 2007


    Somali Human Rights Defenders Network is deeply concerned about the Somali journalists and the media houses for the intolerable subsequent violations and atrocities of the TFG authorities against their freedom of exercising their professional and the escalating oppressions towards the free media in Somalia.

    The Governor and Mayor of Mogadishu Mohamed Dheere today presented incomplete regulations that the independent media is instructed to follow.

    In his regulations, the governor stated, “the media cannot report the military operations of the TFG forces and the Ethiopian troops unless they receive written documents that gives them approval to disseminate that information.

    Interviewing the government opponents inside and abroad is forbidden and any of journalists dispense or any radio station transmits their views, he/she will be considered as criminal. Disseminating the displacement of the civilians unless the journalists receive real statistics to base as evidence for their information is also prohibited”.

    “This is totally against the Transitional Federal Charter, the Media Law which have been approved unanimously by the Council of Ministries in June, 30th, 2007, and The Media law is now under discussion and debate in the Transitional Parliament in their session.

    The Governor, Mohamed Dheere has no authority to issue regulations that confronts the Transitional Federal Charter, Media Law and the international human Rights Instruments,” said Zakarie, the legal advisor of Somali Human Rights Defenders Network.

    Somali journalist have had bitter share of human rights violations in their home country with numerous arrests, detention, killing and threats that forced a huge number of journalists to flee to Nairobi.

    “The Media is a watchdog of the new Somali society and is the forth power of the democratic government’ said Ahmed Kiimiko, The Focal point of East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Network for Somalia. ‘It is very essential tool effecting for check and balance in government.

    Any attempt to silence the media risk denying the public to their rights to information which is not only a provision of the transitional Federal Charter but also several International instruments to which Somalia is signatory” added Ahmed kiimiko, The Focal point of East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Network for Somalia and Chairman of SOHRIDEN.

    SOHRIDEN calls the Transitional Federal Government to consider the 1998 UN declaration on the Rights and the Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms that defines clearly the rights towards authorities.

    The Government should lift the ban from the closed radio station (Shabeelle ,Simba, Banadir) in Mogadishu and allow them unconditionally to resume their operations.

    “It is one of the Basic Human Rights and we don’t know why the international community are watching and taking suitable actions to intervene the worsening situation of Somali freedom of media’ said AFgoie , a journalist and news Editor of Shabelle now living in Nairobi.

    SOHRIDEN calls the transitional Federal government to respect Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which rightly states ” Every one has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers … herein lies the inalienable freedom of the press” Concluded Ahmed Kiimiko , The focal point of EHAHRD-Net for Somalia.


  3. Somalia: EU Calls on TPLF Regime to Unconditionally Withdraw Its Troops From Somalia and Respect the Country’s Sovereignty (Asmara)

    28 November 2007
    Posted to the web 29 November 2007


    Stating that the crisis prevailing in Somalia, as a result of the TPLF regime’s interference, is engulfing the Horn region in acute danger, the EU called on the regime to unconditionally withdraw its troops from Somalia and respect the country’s sovereignty, as well as refrain from acts that aggravate crisis in the region.

    In a resolution it adopted on November 22, the EU pointed out that the entire Horn of Africa is being exposed to danger under the pretext of terrorism due to the US Administration’s superficial assessment of the objective situation in the region.

    It is to be noted that the US Administration through its servant, the TPLF regime, has created dangerous situation in the Horn.


  4. Burundi: Army Sends Its First Troops to Somalia

    Burundi Réalités (Bujumbura)

    26 December 2007
    Posted to the web 27 December 2007


    Burundi sent its first 94 troops to Somalia on Saturday 22 December 2007. Their mission is to prepare for the arrival of a battalion of Burundian troops to be deployed later.

    The last stage of military training for Burundian troops ended in early October. For six weeks Americans marines trained two Burundian battalions that are to be deployed in Somalia. The training mainly focused on combat tactics.

    The date for the deployment of the remaining troops has not been set. Other troops will be transported to Somalia as soon as this vanguard military company completes the preparations for the full deployment.

    The battalions that will be deployed to the Horn of Africa will be commanded by General Niyoyunguruza.

    Burundi is currently participating in three peacekeeping missions in Africa: in the Ivory Coast, Sudan and Somalia.

    It appears that the parliament was not consulted before the deployment of these troops to Somalia where various Muslim factions do not welcome any force that is mainly made up of Christians.

    Article 250 of the Constitution of the Republic of Burundi provides that the President of the Republic must inform promptly and in a detailed way (a) the reason for the deployment of the national defence force; (b) where the force is to be deployed, and (c) the length of the deployment.


  5. Somalia: Africa Oil Demands President’s Signature for Puntland Project

    Garowe Online (Garowe)

    28 December 2007
    Posted to the web 29 December 2007

    A Canadian exploration firm with rights in Somalia’s northern Puntland enclave has demanded the signature of interim President Abdullahi Yusuf before the exploration project can move forward, inside sources told Garowe Online.

    Africa Oil Corp., formerly Canmex Minerals, partnered with Australia-based Range Resources, Ltd., in January to explore for oil and minerals in the relatively stable Puntland region.

    But the Africa Oil executives are now demanding the signature of President Yusuf as the prerequisite for a US$20-million payment, to be divided between Range Resources and Yusuf’s transitional government.

    The executives threatened to withdraw from their agreement with Range, and in turn with the Puntland government, unless President Yusuf cements the deal by signing an official document, the confidential sources added.

    Puntland Finance Minister Mohamed “Gaagaab” Ali and Range Resources official Liban Muse Bogor were both reported to be in Nairobi, Kenya, earlier this week waiting for President Yusuf’s return from London.

    Although Minister Gaagaab has since returned to Puntland for unspecified reasons, sources indicated Mr. Bogor is still in Nairobi.

    Since 2005, implementation of the Puntland-Range deal has been hampered by steady resistance from a variety of sources, including former Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi and from local clans opposed to the exploitation of their land and resources without clan approval.

    Gedi has said that his feud with President Yusuf began when exploration agreements were signed without his knowledge, sparking a constitutional tug of war with the president.

    Somalia’s parliament has yet to ratify a petroleum law that would govern the management of the country’s resources.


  6. Somalia: Mogadishu Mayor Closes Radio Station Over Interview With Opposition

    International Freedom of Expression Exchange Clearing House (Toronto)

    31 December 2007
    Posted to the web 31 December 2007

    RSF condemns the 26 December 2007 arbitrary closure of the privately-owned radio station Somaliweyn by the government of Banadir, the province that includes the capital Mogadishu, after the station broadcast an interview in which an exile politician explained why he was joining the radical, armed wing of the opposition. The closure is the latest in a series of coercive measures for which there has been no legal authority, RSF said.

    The closure was ordered by Mohamed Omar Habeb, a former warlord also known as “Mohamed Dhere” who is now Mogadishu “mayor” and head of the provincial administration. He contacted the station directly, ordered it to stop broadcasting and told its management to report to his office. Dhere used to be the governor of Jowhar.

    Based in Mogadishu’s northern suburbs, Somaliweyn is owned by exile businessmen. The interview that upset Dhere was with Moallim Hashi, a member of the Alliance for a New Liberation of Somalia, which groups the former Islamic courts and former Somali parliamentarians. Hashi gave his reasons for joining the “Shaabab,” the radical military wing of the Eritrean-based Islamist opposition.


  7. East Africa: Somali Immigrants Face Torture, Robbery At Libyan-Sudan Desert

    Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

    16 June 2008
    Posted to the web 16 June 2008

    Somali immigrant headed to Libyan from Sudan have been badly tortured and robed by armed militias laid checkpoints between the two African countries Shabelle reporter in Tripoli said.

    The militias were reported to have been Sudanese opposition group from the western Sudan region of Darfur those have stronghold locations between the two countries.

    The militias have harshly beaten some of the Somali youths were traveling on the border areas between Sudan and Libya, they have also forcibly taken away some of their belongings.

    “I was beaten with plastic strong stick by three men; I am suffering from tendernessness in the skin, I have got fainted at the same site once “but glory to God in the highest I am a live” Abdi Hassan Abdi who is victim of torture told Shabelle.

    The situation changed dramatically with the arrival of asylum seekers and refugees fleeing civil war in the 1990s. Since the ousting of Somalia’s government in 1991, much of the country, situated on the eastern “Horn of Africa”, has been in a state of violent anarchy, perpetuated by warlords heading rag-tag armies of young men.

    Countries don’t get more chaotic than Somalia, and many who fled are now living.

    Torture has often been sponsored by governments. In addition, individuals or groups may inflict torture on others for the same reasons as those acting in an official capacity. Torture is prohibited under international law and the domestic laws of most countries; however, Amnesty International estimates that 75% of the world’s governments currently practice torture as they define it but no government has yet abided the laws.

    Throughout history, torture has often been used as a method of effecting political re-education.

    In the 21st century, torture is widely considered to be a violation of human rights, and is declared to be unacceptable by Article 5 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Signatories of the Third Geneva Convention and Fourth Geneva Convention agree not to torture protected persons (POWs and enemy civilians) in armed conflicts.

    Torture is also prohibited by the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which has been ratified by 145 states.


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