15 thoughts on “ISIS, wars and war profiteers

  1. On marches with Bertrand Russel against the bomb quarter of a million marched and nothing much happened the 15 of the 15 run the planet, politicians are all part of this racket globally and the human race are either not part of the equation and those who are the voting public are to brain controlled to comprehend they are all part of the evil.even the well educated do not get it.
    These blogs have long suggested what the article is about and still the public do not get it why? they are now so controlled they have become stupid.


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  3. This is a good article. However, donwreford: I am a voter so please don’t
    put me in the same category as those “brain controlled”! We all should be
    careful not to “paint everyone with the same brushstroke”!


      • The set up of those who are to be voted for are all part of the front that have no intention other than not what their policy is but their own agenda, here in Australia teachers, police and so on are declining in wages or wages are pegged but the cost of living is constantly rising, the politicians here having voted in a one and a half per cent wage rise, the ex treasurer Hockey who stated whilst in office ” to keep up just get a better paid job” these jobs are not their as they have been exported, also the negotiating system to arrange pay with bosses its obvious you are in a compromised situation and cannot negotiate as its not a level playing field.
        What is wrong withe capitalism is someone like Abbott whom has endlessly stated we are a decent society! decency is a constant utterance and was directed recently to the Islamic religion? as we are a superior religion meaning Christianity! only a few months ago the Liberal party stated it was OK to be a bigot? the hypocrisy within the system is rife, by the way Hockey who stated ” the age of entitlement is over” as may well know he had a salary as treasurer approaching half a million dollars PA as a pension, now he is a ambassador with a income of $400 thousand dollars, he will be getting just under one million dollars PA from taxpayers, this guy was preaching to get rid of entitlements? this is what is wrong globally? the politicians can not be trusted nor do we no right to not vote here, the political global situation today is not to be trusted nor are most who are the voting public.


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