French government bans pro-environment marches, helps Volkswagen, ExxonMobil

This Greenpeace video says about itself:

People’s Climate March Australia – November

27 October 2015

Something BIG is happening.

While world leaders gather in Paris, we will be coming together for something far more powerful.

Millions are joining the People’s Climate Movement. Are you in?

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Fabius, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs has banned two huge marches during the climate summit in Paris because of the terrorist threat.

The marches were scheduled for November 29 and December 12, before the start and after the end of the summit. In Paris and other French cities people were expecting hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. Activists wanted the marches to put governments under pressure to take measures against the emission of greenhouse gases.

The UN summit is from November 30 to December 11.

So, the French government abuses ISIS terror for attacking civil liberties … not of ISIS; not of conservative but non-violent Muslims; not of liberal Muslims; but of the pro-environment movement, most supporters of which in France are non-Muslims.

This ban looks in practice like an unholy alliance between ISIS, anti-democratic politicians and Big Oil and other bigwigs. Big Oil, corporations like ExxonMobil, bankrolling pseudo-science denying climate change. Volkswagen and other cars producing corporations, with their fraudulent polluting products. Now, the Big Oil and similar lobbyists will be able to lobby in the smoke-filled backrooms of the Paris conference without countervailing power of now banned pro-environment demonstrators; if Fabius will have his way.

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36 thoughts on “French government bans pro-environment marches, helps Volkswagen, ExxonMobil

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