Islamophobic fire attack on Dutch mosque

The Roosendaal mosque before the fire attack, photo by Marieke Boerefijn

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Attempted arson at mosque in Roosendaal

Today, 15:02

At a mosque in Roosendaal last night it was tried to set it on fire. The building sustained light damage. No one was injured. The perpetrators have not been found yet.

The police can not say whether the attempted arson has something to do with the attacks last night in Paris. According to a spokesperson speaking to Omroep Brabant broadcasting this needs further research.

The mosque in Roosendaal is the largest Muslim prayer house in West Brabant.

Yeah right, setting mosques on fire will bring the people who died in the Paris attacks back to life … NOT!!!!!

Xenophobic arson will magically heal the wounds of the people who were injured in the Paris attacks … NOT!!!!!

Dutch Muslim organisations strongly condemn Paris violence: here.

12 thoughts on “Islamophobic fire attack on Dutch mosque

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