British BAE weapons for Oman dictatorship

BAE arms trade, cartoon

This video is called “Olympic Dreams” – Omani Human Rights Defender – Habiba Al-Hinai.

This video says about itself:

July 20, 2012

France 24 report on human rights defenders in Oman, including the case of Habiba Al-Hinai and her colleagues who were detained while supporting striking oil workers.

From the BBC:

21 December 2012 Last updated at 09:18 GMT

BAE Systems wins £2.5bn Oman Hawk and Typhoon contract

UK aerospace company BAE Systems has won a £2.5bn aircraft contract with the Sultanate of Oman.

BAE will provide 12 Typhoon fighter jets and eight Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer aircraft.

The contract will cover the supply of the aircraft and in-service support for them and is the latest in a long line of contracts to supply Oman.

Prime Minister David Cameron, who is due to visit the Middle Eastern state on Saturday, welcomed the deal. …

The deal will come as a welcome fillip for BAE following Wednesday’s news that its deal to supply Saudi Arabia with 72 Typhoon fighter[s] has been delayed because of disagreements over the final contract price. BAE has supplied 24 jets to the kingdom so far.

The group said the delay could reduce full-year underlying earnings-per-share by approximately three pence.

BAE has been under pressure to develop an alternative growth strategy following the collapse of its planned merger with European defence company EADS earlier this year.

Britain cannot stop illegal gun-running until it ends its own dalliances with dictators, peace activists said today ahead of a BBC exposé of arms dealers: here.

Arms manufacturer BAE Systems was ordered to pay £350,000 in fines and costs at Hull Crown Court today following the death of a worker who was crushed by a 145-tonne metal press: here.

Dozens of British troops injured in Oman war games. Morning Star investigation prompts calls for Britain to stop cosying up to Gulf tyranny: here.

25 thoughts on “British BAE weapons for Oman dictatorship

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  15. Omani workers re-instated

    At the end of last week that over 500 Omani workers, sacked from their jobs following a hunger strike, have been re-instated. They are members of the General Union of Workers and were employed by an oil company. They began the hunger strike to complain about the standard of food served to junior staff. Under the settlement the workers are forbidden to take any further industrial action.


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