176 thoughts on “Poem on privatization of British healthcare

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  7. Thursday 6th July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    ONE of the first people born under the NHS marked its 69th birthday yesterday by calling on the public to protect Aneurin Bevan’s legacy and to scrap the public-sector pay cap.

    Aneira Thomas was born at 12.01am on July 5 1948, the day the NHS came in to being, and was named after its founder.

    She said the NHS is “without doubt our greatest national treasure” and called for an end to Tory cuts.

    Ms Thomas said: “Today in my birthday and the birthday of our public health service, I pay tribute to all the dedicated team of NHS workers who care for us all. They are nothing short of heroic.

    “They [the government] must urgently scrap the public-sector pay cap and invest in our health service. On the 69th birthday of our NHS the Conservatives must put an end to their cuts and value our world-class health service and those who work in it.”


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