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  5. Wednesday 6th September 2017

    posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

    Quakers detained for trying to halt deliveries

    POLICE were accused of being “arrest-happy” yesterday after seizing at least eight Quakers at a peaceful protest against the world’s biggest arms fair in London.

    Faith and peace activists blocked a road for at least four hours to prevent vans carrying weapons from entering the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair at the Excel Centre.

    The day was the second in a week of action which aims to shut down the weapons fest before it starts next Tuesday.

    Quakers spokesman Sam Walton confirmed that eight Quakers were arrested while attempting to stop the vans.

    He said: “Britain surely cannot promote peace and democracy, and London cannot be a city of peace, if it is where repression and torture begin and if it is where the seeds of war are sown.”

    Pacifist organisation Peace Pledge Union also reported that officers had threatened to arrest 98-year-old Margaret Slee for blocking the road in her wheelchair.

    Campaign Against Arms Trade spokesman Andrew Smith told the Star: “The policing has been very heavy, with a ridiculously large presence and scores of people being arrested for peaceful protest.

    “The arms being sold at DSEI could be used in terrible crimes for years to come, yet the police are more focused on arresting campaigners while protecting the interests of arms companies and human rights abusing regimes.”

    Yesterday’s protest also saw activists using abseiling equipment to hang from a bridge and priests from different dominations hold a communion in their bids to stop arms reaching the centre.

    The government-backed DSEI arms fair takes place in secret behind security fences and is subsidised by the British taxpayer.

    The official list of attendees will not be made public until closer to the opening of the arms fair, however previously invited countries include human rights abusers Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Turkey.

    Arrests were also made on Monday during demonstrations against the sale of weapons to Israel, which activists say are used against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

    In the evening, CAAT’s Kat Hobbs told protesters gathered for a gig that seven people had been arrested, including Enid Gordon, a 70-year-old Methodist minister from North Shields.

    And a source accused the police of racism after a press photographer covering the demonstration was arrested.

    “He was the only black photographer present and the only photographer that was arrested, despite others doing exactly the same thing,” the source said.


  6. Thursday 7th September 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    Britain’s protests against DSEI gathers strength

    by Steve Sweeney and Peter Lazenby

    LORRIES loaded with weapons and military equipment were halted for a second day yesterday as peaceful protesters blocked the entrance to the world’s biggest arms fair which opens next week in London.

    Members of the Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) chained themselves together across the entrance road to the Excel centre, blocking it for at least two hours before police cut them loose and arrested them.

    Trident Ploughshares campaigners also held a banner condemning Britain’s nuclear weapons system with the words: “Trident is terrorism.”

    The demonstration is part of week-long action organised by Campaign Against Arms Trade opposing the DSEI arms fair.

    Details of those invited to attend DSEI have been kept secret, although the world’s top 10 arms producers, including BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin, will be present.

    Trident Ploughshares vowed to shut the arms fair down, warning that the weapons will be sold to regimes committing war crimes and abusing human rights.

    This included Saudi Arabia, whose bombing of Yemen has led to a cholera epidemic that has affected 600,000 people, the World Health Organisation has reported.

    Trident Ploughshares spokeswoman Angie Zelter said: “Our taxpayers’ money is being used to arm those involved in wars and repression. Many of the arms dealers deal in illegal weapons of mass destruction and are implicated in nuclear weapons and we consider that part of an ongoing conspiracy to commit a war crime.”

    During the protest, a Welsh choir led a chorus of “we are singing for our lives” as activists lay down on the road and locked themselves to lumps of concrete. Local businesses have offered their support to a camp at the site, donating food and supplies to the activists.

    The activists condemned the “heavy-handed” police, accusing officers of being “arrest happy,” with a number of Quakers detained on Tuesday.

    And, on Monday, police faced accusations of racism after it was alleged that a black press photographer was singled out and arrested.


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