10 thoughts on “Donald Trump, why he won

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    • Indeed! The Trump supporting alt-right Internet site Daily Stormer calls itself: America’s #1 Most-Trusted Republican News Source. Their name is derived from the German 1930s-1940s anti-Semitic paper Der Stürmer.

      In their FAQ, the Daily Stormer says all Jews and all LGBTQ people should be gassed.

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        • Indeed.

          I will quote from that hate site, so I won’t have to link to it and people won’t be fooled by more ‘dog-whistle’ style racism:

          “There have been a lot of questions about what exactly the Alt-Right stands for, both within the mainstream and within the Alt-Right itself.

          I’ve created a simple and authoritative FAQ to clear-up any of this confusion.

          Isn’t the Alt-Right just a rebranding of neo-Nazism?


          Do Alt-Righters support White Supremacy?


          Does the Alt-Right support nationalism for all peoples?


          The Alt-Right supports global White Supremacy, believing that people of other races should either be dominated and controlled or exterminated.

          What is the official Alt-Right position on Jews?

          Jews should be gassed and turned into lampshades.

          Does the Alt-Right endorse homosexuality?

          No. We believe homosexuals should be gassed.

          Are the Alt-Right Hollywood Nazis?

          No. There is no such thing as Hollywood Nazis. This concept was invented by beta cucks to attack actual Nazis. The Alt-Right is a real Nazi group.

          Who founded the Alt-Right?

          Adolf Hitler.

          Does the Alt-Right believe that Donald Trump is the God Emperor of Mankind?


          Usually, Richard Bertrand Spencer and his ‘National Policy Institute’ are somewhat more dog-whistle style nazis than the Daily Stormer. Except at that recent Washington meeting with its Hail victory=Sieg heil.

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