Refugee children’s plight in Europe

Pro-refugee graffiti in Serbia, photo Mitra Nazar

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Ten-year-old Jami from Afghanistan sleeps between rats in Serbia

10 April 2017

Jami is only ten years old, comes from Afghanistan and has been on the road for six months. Via Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria, he ended up in Serbia. He sleeps in an abandoned factory behind the railway station in Belgrade, on a dirty mattress between rats. “It’s better here than in Bulgaria,” Jami says. “There, I was beaten by the police.”

Aid organizations including Save the Children and Refugee Foundation are sounding the alarm about children traveling alone on the former Balkan route. …

Jami is also traveling alone. His parents have remained in Afghanistan. He says his parents always cry when he hears them on the phone. But they had no choice but to send him off because the Taliban put his family under pressure. …

Most stories of beatings, robberies and expelling people illegally from the country come from the EU countries Hungary, Croatia and Bulgaria. That latter country pushes them over the border to Serbia; Croatia and Hungary push them back into Serbia. Unaccompanied children are not spared.

According to Save the Children, the European Union must do more to tackle the problem of unaccompanied refugee children in the Balkans. “The EU must have a plan for these children not be left to their fate, instead of saying that the borders are closed and they do not come anymore,” says [Jelena] Besedic [of Save the Children in Serbia]. “Because they still come.”

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