European Union bigwigs’ cruel plan to deport refugees to Africa

This video from the USA says about itself:

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange on Europe’s Secret Plan for Military Force on Refugee Boats from Libya

27 May 2015

WikiLeaks has just revealed secret details of a European Union plan to use military force to curb the influx of migrants from Libya. “The documents lay out a military operation against cross-Mediterranean refugee transport networks and infrastructure,” WikiLeaks says. “It details plans to conduct military operations to destroy boats used for transporting migrants and refugees in Libyan territory, thereby preventing them from reaching Europe.” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange discusses the EU’s plan from his place of refuge inside Ecuador’s London embassy.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Plan to send refugees back to Africa considered by EU

Thursday 12th November 2015

EUROPEAN Union leaders cooked up a “desperate” plot yesterday to slash the number of refugees in the bloc by giving them EU travel papers and shipping them off to Africa.

An appalled African Union official said the idea was “unheard of” and migration experts were dismayed at its callousness.

The EU-Africa migration summit in Valletta, Malta, began yesterday and ends today.

The shocking scheme would see EU officials decide whether refugees who lack travel papers and whose asylum claims have been rejected have come from Africa.

Where the decision is that they have, the migrants will then be given EU papers just so that they can be quickly booted out of Europe.

Amnesty International acting EU director Iverna McGowan said it was yet more corner-cutting by the EU.

“People returned to countries of transit risk being faced with arbitrary detention and having their rights to asylum and to work violated,” she warned.

EU states are pressing African leaders to take in thousands of refugees whose asylum applications they have rejected.

Particularly under pressure are countries near Libya, which was torn apart with the help of a bombing campaign by Nato — made up mostly of EU states.

Many refugees, fleeing conflicts stirred up by or directly involving the West, set off on their perilous Mediterranean journey to Europe from the wrecked country’s coast.

Meanwhile, Slovenia has copied nearby states by building its own 400-mile razor-wire border fence, which it claims is only intended to funnel refugees, not close off the country entirely.

• Turkish coastguards said yesterday that 14 refugees, including seven children, had drowned when their boat sank off the country’s coast. Sailors rescued 27.

It looks like European Union bigwigs kowtow to racists like Katie Hopkins in the British Murdoch media. Or to Portuguese racists. Or to British 1980s nazi band Skrewdriver with their song When The Boat Comes In, advocating forced deportation of people of African ancestry. Or to 1960s United States nazi fuehrer George Lincoln Rockwell, whose Hatenanny record label included a song called Ship those n…ers back, by Odis Cochran and the three bigots.

EU Summit in Malta strikes dirty deal to keep refugees out of Europe: here.

The Australian government is reportedly considering the poor Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan as a dumping ground for the some of the 1,500 refugees imprisoned in its “off-shore” detention facilities: here.

15 thoughts on “European Union bigwigs’ cruel plan to deport refugees to Africa

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  2. Tuesday 24th November 2015

    posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

    ONE hundred people are set to be deported in a chartered flight from Stansted airport tonight as campaigners accuse the Home Office of using “excessive” restraints.

    The 22.30 Titan Airways flight heading to Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone is thought to also be carrying a Belgium-born man who has lived most of his life in Britain.

    According to immigration activists, many are being boarded under duress and issued travel documents unrelated to their actual country of origin.

    In a statement, the deportation and detention support charity Unity Centre said it had “opposed these flights for years.”

    A spokeswoman said: “Detainees are taken from detention centres across the UK throughout the afternoon leading up to the planned routine charter flights after being locked up in individual rooms from the night before.

    “This practice is believed to avoid any resistance with individuals suspected of resisting being placed in solitary confinement for days or weeks leading up to the flight.”

    She added that since the death in custody of Angolan detainee Jimmy Mubenga, security firms outsourced by the Home Office have used new, unregulated restraining methods.

    Restraints are said to go around the whole body and keep the arms and hands pinned down.

    The group also said it “received a distressing call a few months ago after this contraption was used upon a Nigerian national held in Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre.

    “As a result of the force used and severe pressing upon his chest he was admitted to the emergency room.

    “One detainee reports seeing the use of these devices as an ‘everyday thing’.”

    The Home Office refused to comment.


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  5. Thursday 3rd
    posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

    Heartless Home Office put grandmother at risk

    A FRAIL 92-year-old grandmother could spend Christmas in a detention centre, her daughter said yesterday, as Theresa May’s immigration rules become ever more extreme.

    South African Myrtle Cothill has been under threat of immediate deportation since October, after repeated appeals for compassion from her British family fell on deaf ears at the Home Office.

    A petition calling for her to be allowed to stay reached over 12,000 signatures in the last 24 hours.

    Ms Cothill, who moved to Britain in February last year, was told she had overstayed her six-month visitor’s visa and could only apply for a new visa if she returned to South Africa.

    Her daughter Mary Wills, who has been a carer in Britain for the last 19 years, told the Star that the trip alone would kill her.

    “There is no way I can send my mum back because she has got no family in South Africa,” Ms Wills said.

    “Where would she go?”

    She added that the family “walked in fear” of having Ms Cothill detained in the run-up to Christmas.

    “Any time they could rock up at this door and demand to take her.

    “The stories I heard of the deportations, it’s unbelievable, it would kill my mother.

    “If they did that, they would be signing her death certificate, they really would.

    “But they would have to get through me. They either would have to kill me or knock me out before they get to my mum.”

    The coalition government changed immigration laws in July 2012, scrapping rules that enabled parents and grandparents over the age of 65 to join their family in Britain as elderly dependants.

    The family’s barrister Jan Doerfel said: “The current immigration rule on adult dependent relatives is causing untold suffering.

    “It is placing British citizens and other persons permanently settled in the UK into an impossible situation where they have to decide to either abandon their life and family here in order to look after their elderly relatives abroad or to remain in the UK and feel they are abandoning their dearest to the care of strangers during their most vulnerable years.

    “This immigration rule clearly undermines the very essence of family values.”

    You can sign the petition demanding Ms Cothill’s stay at


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