Refugees welcome, nazis not in Kent, England

Refugees welcomed on white cliffs of Dover

After the ‘bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover‘ of the Vera Lynn song, now this message of welcome and humanity there.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Dover’s white cliffs beam message of hope

Saturday 2nd April 2016

A GIANT illuminated message of solidarity has been projected on the white cliffs of Dover before an anti-immigration march in the town planned for today by a rabble of neonazis.

Refugees welcome” has been projected in huge letters across the cliffs by a campaign collaboration between organisation Global Justice Now and guerilla projectionists Feral X.

Nearly 40 thugs have been arrested for rioting and violence during clashes with counter-protesters at the previous far-right march in January.

Now, Dover will yet again be invaded by the neonazis — of which most of them do not live in the town — and anti-fascists from across Britain will travel there to overshadow their messages of hate by sending a convoy of vehicles filled with provisions to refugees in Calais.

Global Justice Now director Nick Dearden said: “Far right groups are coming to Dover to fan the flames of hatred and xenophobia, often generating a lot of media coverage in the process.

“But thousands of groups and communities are acting in many different ways to offer practical and personal support to refugees who have fled desperate circumstances to get here.”

Mr Dearden criticised the government for playing a “very active role” in the destruction of the Middle East and for not promising to take in more than 20,000 refugees.

He also pointed towards smaller and poorer countries that are doing more than Britain to help alleviate the crisis.

He added: “The UK is not ‘full.’ Lebanon, a country half the size of Wales, has taken in one million Syrian refugees. It is perfectly possible for the UK to take far more migrants than we currently see.”

Blood swastika daubed on bus by nazis

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Blood Swastika Pillock One of 40 Rioters Nicked

Saturday 2nd April 2016

Neonazi rally threatens Dover again despite mass arrests

A NEONAZI suspected of daubing a bloody swastika on a coach was revealed yesterday to be one of nearly 40 thugs arrested in the wake of an anti-refugee riot.

The 52-year-old man from Fulham, who is on bail, is banned from entering Dover following an incident at Maidstone motorway service station in January, where men brandishing weapons smashed up coaches filled with anti-fascists travelling to a counter-demonstration.

Kent Police said detectives used DNA testing from the blood to find and arrest the man on February 25.

Assistant Chief Constable Neil Jerome said: “Seventeen were arrested on the day, the rest have been arrested since then and arrests continue to be made.

“Sixteen have been charged with a variety of offences and 21 are on bail with conditions not to enter Dover.”

Despite the arrests, other fascists are nevertheless gearing up to wreak havoc again today in the port town, which Kent Anti-Racism Network chairwoman Bridget Chapman says is seen as an easy target to “build a message of hate.”

This is because the violent racists — who are overwhelmingly not from Dover — take advantage of its economic deprivation and close proximity to refugees and migrants in northern France.

Anti-fascist groups across Britain are travelling down to resist the far-right mobs and to focus on giving “love, solidarity and warm socks” to refugees living in unsanitary conditions in Calais.

A convoy of several cars decorated with banners will make their way to France to support the migrants and “show up the fascists for being Hitler-loving thugs,” Ms Chapman added.

She told the Star that she and a female friend were physically attacked by neo-nazis at the previous Dover counter-rally.

She continued: “Violence at the last protest has come from the one side — that arrived drunk and armed.

“I saw a group that went up to block the road and broke through police lines to pelt them with masonry and sharpened sticks.

“I was attacked by a huge guy with a metal bar. My friend was kicked down some stairs and kicked in the head. They simply want a fight.

“We don’t want to fight but nor do we want to accept fascists roaming around the streets of Dover chanting racist slogans and Sieg-Heiling around town.

“These people do not want a peaceful protest.”

According to Kent Police, officers only have powers to stop people from engaging in their legal right to assemble and protest if there is a likelihood of violence, rioting and looting.

Hope not Hate spokesman Matthew Collins had told the Star that the organisation was surprised by “how underprepared the police were” during the last rally.

Kent Police Assistant Chief Constable Neil Jerome added: “Based on the information we have, and the lessons learned from last time, there will be significantly more police officers in Dover on Saturday.

“Those who choose to act in a violent, threatening or disorderly manner can expect a police response that is impartial, firm and fair, and they will be held to account for their actions.”

HUGH LANNING reports on an Kent-wide initiative designed to stop fascists using the refugee crisis to promote racial hatred and division: here.

A YORKSHIRE pub licensee confirmed yesterday that he would not serve right-wing thugs who regularly descend on Rotherham to spread their hateful message. The decision is a victory for local anti-racists who called on Bridge Inn licensee Tony Watson and the Old Mill Brewery to close the doors to fascists: here.

24 thoughts on “Refugees welcome, nazis not in Kent, England

  1. Friday, 1 April 2016


    OVER 1,000 mainly Syrian and Afghan refugees marched last Wednesday through the Athens city centre to the EU Offices in Greece demanding free and safe passage to central Europe.

    They carried placards stating ‘we want to leave’ and ‘freedom’. They were joined by Athens University students and refugee support groups. There are now nearly 6,000 refugees at the port of Piraeus and another 2,500 put up in an Athens suburb. They live in appalling and extremely crowded conditions.

    Tensions and pressures have resulted in occasional fighting between young men in the port of Piraeus. Early this week there were clashes between the Greek riot police and the refugees at Idomeni, on the border with the Republic of Macedonia.

    The Greek government announced that as on Wednesday there were 3,950 refugees placed in ‘detention centres’, which are in fact military and police-controlled concentration camps, on the Greek Aegean islands of Khios and Lesbos. In accordance with the EU-Turkey agreement all these refugees – who are being called ‘migrants’ by the Greek authorities – will be deported back to Turkey.

    On Wednesday evening, about 2,000 refugees and aid workers demonstrated in Athens against the recent agreement between the European Union and Turkey. The agreement finalizes the closing of the Balkan route and allows thousands of refugees in Greece to be deported to Turkey. A law spelling out the implementation of the agreement is now being discussed in parliament so that the first 500 deportations can begin as soon as April 4: here.


  2. Monday 4th April 2016

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    ANTI-FASCIST protesters saw off a “sorry lot” of far-right groups in Dover on Saturday who had afflicted the port in protest against crisis-hit refugees.

    Around 350 anti-fascists travelled to the ferry terminal town to counter the far-right and to see on its way a convoy of cars that was delivering aid to refugees in Calais.

    The Anti-Fascist Network (AFN) said that only 100 immigrant-hating thugs turned up despite making online threats of mass violence.

    “They couldn’t even muster a good chant as they went past us, most preferring to keep their heads down and stay silent,” the AFN said.

    Left-wing Kentish protester Siobhan Murphy said that the anti-fascists were there to peacefully oppose members of groups such as National Front, North West Infidels and Keep Britain White.

    Police arrested eight pro-refugee activists after officers on horses and in vans kettled the prosters on the main road to make way for the racists.

    The Press Association reported that the activists had “refused to assemble in a designated area near Marine Parade.”

    But an eyewitness told the Star the claim was nonsense.

    “Clearly [kettling] was the police plan all along but it was not communicated clearly to the march except by force,” he said.

    “It took ages for the fascists to walk up to the point where we were kettled — apparently they started fighting each other in one of the pubs in Dover beforehand.

    “They marched past silently, went and spouted off at the port before trudging back.”

    Protected by police officers, the far-right marched a short distance to the port to hear Cypriot-born English Defence League speaker Paul Prodromou, who also goes by the surname Pitt, rant about immigration.

    Thirteen people were arrested including five neonazis, three of whom had been arrested before over alleged involvement in a protest in Dover on January 30.

    A Kent Police spokesman said he could not confirm or deny whether one of the five arrested over the weekend was a man suspected of smearing a swastika onto a bus in his own blood. He had been banned from Dover.


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