British military-industrial complex kills in Yemen

This music video about the British Conservative government’s role in the Yemen war is called Declan McKenna – British Bombs (Official Video)

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Britain’s decade as world’s second largest arms exporter a ‘source of great shame’

Peace campaigners remind government that weapons sales are ‘not just numbers on a spreadsheet’ while Labour’s Zarah Sultana says Britain has become a world-leader in aiding and abetting horrific wars and repression

BRITAIN has remained the globe’s second-largest arms exporters for a decade — with the majority of its weapons sold to fuel devastating conflicts in the Middle East.

According to the latest official figures, Britain holds almost a fifth (16 per cent) of the global arms trade, falling behind only the United States, which had an estimated 47 per cent share in 2019.

Of the weapons sold since 2010, almost 60 per cent were imported by Middle Eastern countries, the vast majority to Saudi Arabia.

UK government refuses to publish list of airstrikes in Yemen involving civilian casualties: here.

5 thoughts on “British military-industrial complex kills in Yemen

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    Trump used his last days in power to condemn hundreds of thousands of innocent women, men, and children in Yemen to starvation by making it virtually impossible for life-saving food and medicine to be delivered to millions of desperate civilians. But we can stop it — join the urgent call for new President Joe Biden to reverse this decision and save lives — sign now and share with absolutely everyone:
    Dear friends,
    With the stroke of a pen, Trump just cruelly condemned hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent women, men, and children to starvation — but we can stop it!

    The UN immediately raised the alarm that Trump’s decision to designate Northern Yemen’s rebel government as a terrorist organization would lead to a “famine not seen in 40 years”. It will make it virtually impossible to deliver life-saving food and medicine to a country where almost 80 per cent of the population — including 12 million children — are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

    Hope for Yemeni children now rests with the new US President Joe Biden. He promised voters that he would end US support for Yemen’s war — and insiders say that a massive rallying cry from all over the world could help push his administration to quickly reverse Trump’s deadly final act, and save millions from starvation.

    Join now. Share with everyone. Together we can deliver 1 million voices directly to key figures in Biden’s team directly, and through high profile media ads as soon as they take office.
    Stop Trump’s deadly final act
    The people of Yemen are already living a nightmare. Almost a quarter of a million people have died since the Saudi-led coalition began its military strikes, and the country is already suffering a humanitarian catastrophe. It’s utterly heartbreaking. Now on top of all this horror, Trump’s decision will block crucial aid to Yemen, as food importers and aid agencies could face US criminal charges for doing business with terrorists.

    A different approach is urgently needed. The war in Yemen is complicated, with both sides committing war crimes and harming civilians. Ending this conflict will require strategic engagement and real accountability for the war criminals, not blunt inhumane policies that leave innocent civilians paying the price.

    Biden said he’ll end US support for the war — let’s hold him to his word. Sign now and share with everyone:
    Stop Trump’s deadly final act
    Avaazers have stood with the people of Yemen for years, funding lawsuits to block deadly arms sales, supporting journalists to get into the country and expose this horror, and pressing governments across the world to end their support for this brutal war. Let’s stand up once again and call on Biden to revoke Trump’s deadly decision, and open up the real possibility of lasting peace in Yemen.

    With hope and determination,

    Luis, Will, Marta, Patricia, Christoph, Diego and the rest of the Avaaz team


    UN predicts ‘famine not seen in 40 years’ due to Pompeo’s Yemen policy (The Guardian)
    5 Takeaways on U.S. Involvement in the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis (New York Times)
    UN humanitarian office puts Yemen war dead at 233,000, mostly from ‘indirect causes’ (UN News)
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