Greek refugee camps, hell on earth

This Dutch 27 July 2019 video is by Dutch NOS TV correspondent Saskia Dekkers, who filmed secretly the horrible conditions for refugees from NATO ‘humanitarian’ wars on the Greek island Samos.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Refugee camps on Samos a hell: “I have not seen it like this before”

The refugee camp on the Greek island of Samos is intended for 650 migrants, but in the containers alone two thousand asylum seekers are jampacked on top of each other. In addition to the official camp there are makeshift tent camps. A further 2500 migrants live there. About ten boats with refugees arrive on Samos every week.

Abibulaye is from Togo. “When you arrive at the asylum service, they say the next day: ‘go there and find out’. And you don’t know anyone, you have no money, that’s bad.”


The situation is serious, says Europe correspondent Saskia Dekkers, who visited Samos. “I have not seen a situation like this anywhere else … People sit on top of each other. There is no running water, there are no showers or toilets. It stinks and we have seen rats among the tents.”

There is far too little room for all people, says Dekkers. “In places where people defecate, new tents have been set up. Many Afghans, Syrians and Congolese people are waiting here for their asylum application.”

Refugees in Italy have received much attention in recent months. In the meantime, the number of refugees in Greece is increasing again. Almost twenty thousand asylum seekers are now stuck on the islands. Almost all people who have arrived in the past year. Europe correspondent Saskia Dekkers secretly filmed on the island of Samos. “It seems that the refugee camps are deliberately kept unlivable by the European Union and Greece.”

… The Samos MP [Christodoulos Stefanadis, of the right-wing Nea Demokratia party] is in favour of a tough migration policy by his
[Nea Demokratia] government. …

Dekkers: “The camp is very hot and there is not enough water. But the biggest problem people tell us is the uncertainty. Nobody knows what their situation is.”

“You don’t know who you are anymore. I have been waiting for 7, 8 months now and my first date for an asylum interview is in 2021. I don’t know where I stand”, says an African asylum seeker.

Police raid migrant squats in central Athens: here.

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