European Union helping dictators to stop African refugees

This video from Canada says about itself:

Protest – Ethiopian Student Massacre

9 May 2014

The Oromo community in British Columbia is deeply saddened by the massacre of our school kids under the Ethiopian regime. Unfortunately the [then, Stephen Harper‘s Conservative] Canadian government provides significant economic support to this murderous regime in Ethiopia.

Translated from Dutch daily NRC:

‘European Union aid to dictators to stop migration

Africa: European Union would offer inter alia Sudan, of the accused dictator Bashir, equipment and training to stop migrants

Koert Lindijer

June 9, 2016

Europe is considering doing business with African dictators to stop the flow of migrants, even while it tries to have those leaders on trial for human rights violations. …

Germany’s Der Spiegel and the British New Statesman recently received documents of a secret EU action plan. It is said to have been discussed on 23 March by EU member states. The plan proposed to provide Sudan with cameras, computers and other anti-migrant recording devices. Also border police would be trained at 17 border crossings. Finally, there would be plans to set up along the eastern border of Sudan, in the towns of Kassala and Gedaref, camps for migrants. According to human rights organizations, the equipment which the EU would provide to Sudan might also be used for internal repression.

In three years eight African countries, including Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda and Djibouti, would get 40 million euros from the EU to stop migrants. Ethiopia, extremely repressive like Sudan, would receive equipment and training to improve border controls and the ability to track smugglers ….

On Tuesday, the European Commission presented a more comprehensive investment plan for North Africa to stop migration. This plan does not include Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and Uganda. …

Now the indicted Sudanese leader is said to be lured with funds to stop migration on Sudanese territory via Libya to Europe. So Al-Bashir is back in favour, despite the arrest warrants issued by the ICC for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide in Darfur. …

With Ethiopia, the EU has been working closely together for years. Several months ago, the Ethiopian army shot dead hundreds of Oromo people protesters who opposed land expropriation. Ethiopia is one of the countries of the investment plan which the Commission presented on Tuesday.

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