‘Prosecute European Union for killing refugees’

This January 20189 video says about itself:

EU policies contribute to ‘abuse of migrants and asylum seekers’ in Libya

A recent Human Rights Watch report has revealed that EU policies are contributing to the abusive detention and mistreatment of migrants and asylum seekers in Libya. According to the report, Italy has taken the lead in providing technical assistance to the Libyan Coast Guard to intercept the migrant flow.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

European Union should be prosecuted for drowning deaths of thousands of migrants

A group of international lawyers want the International Criminal Court in The Hague to institute criminal proceedings against the European Union and its member states. In an indictment of over 200 pages, the EU is held responsible for the drowning deaths of thousands of migrants in the Mediterranean.

The lawyers argue that from 2014 on the EU at all costs wanted to prevent migrants from moving from Libya to Europe. As a result of the discouragement policy, around 40,000 refugees have been stranded in Libya and end up in concentration camps where they became victims of horrific crimes such as torture and rape, the indictment says.


“The EU’s migration policy is tantamount to sacrificing the lives of refugees at sea to deter other refugees.” The indictment focuses on those EU member states that have played a prominent role in the refugee crisis in recent years: Italy, France and Germany.

Among the lawyers who drafted the indictment are Juan Branco, who has worked for the international criminal court, and Israeli lawyer Omer Shatz.

THE EUROPEAN Union must be hauled before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and prosecuted ‘for crimes against humanity’ after letting ‘thousands of refugees drown in the Mediterranean Sea’, demands a 245-page legal submission: here.

On June 3, a group of human rights attorneys filed a request with the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) to charge the European Union (EU) with crimes against humanity for its refugee policies: here.

A series of events in the past two weeks have prompted mass outrage at the systematic mistreatment and brutalization of refugees by capitalist governments all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have expressed their opposition to Saturday’s arrest of Carola Rackete, the 31-year-old German sea captain of the refugee rescue ship Sea Watch 3, by the Italian government and its fascistic interior minister, Matteo Salvini. Rackete’s supposed “crime” was to rescue 52 African refugees, including pregnant women and children, stranded in the Mediterranean Sea on June 12, and provide their safe transfer to the Italian territory of Lampedusa: here.

17 thoughts on “‘Prosecute European Union for killing refugees’

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  2. Sinds begin jaren negentig timmert de Europese Unie de buitengrenzen in steeds sneller tempo dicht voor vluchtelingen en migranten. Daarbij wordt gebruik gemaakt van paramilitaire organisaties, prikkeldraad, hekken, infraroodcamera’s, marineschepen, helikopters en andere middelen waarmee Europese beleidsmakers “ongewenste” vluchtelingen zoveel mogelijk proberen tegen te houden. Die militarisering dwingt vluchtelingen om steeds gevaarlijker routes te nemen, met duizenden doden tot gevolg, zoals een geactualiseerde dodenlijst van de anti-racistische netwerkorganisatie United laat zien. Lees meer:



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  4. Mark Akkerman tijdens protest tegen criminalisering van Sea Watch: “EU-migratiebeleid zorgt voor steeds meer doden”

    Zo’n 150 mensen namen gisteren deel aan het protest tegen de criminalisering van het redden van vluchtelingen op de Middellandse Zee. De manifestatie op het Spui in Amsterdam was bedoeld ter ondersteuning van Carola Rackete, de kapitein van het schip Sea-Watch 3, die onlangs werd gearresteerd door de Italiaanse autoriteiten en inmiddels weer in vrijheid is gesteld. Maar de vervolging van Rackete gaat door en het schip is voor onderzoek in beslag genomen. Lees meer: https://www.doorbraak.eu/mark-akkerman-tijdens-protest-tegen-criminalisering-van-sea-watch-eu-migratiebeleid-zorgt-voor-steeds-meer-doden/


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