British Conservative Patel’s deportations, parody song

This 21 February satiric song from Britain is called Priti Patel – Goodbye Muddah, Goodbye Fadduh.

It is a parody of the song Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter from Camp).

It says about itself:

Home secretary Priti Patel travels back in time and deports her parents to Kampala, Uganda.


Goodbye muddah
Goodbye fadduh
Off you go to
Kampala, Uganda
Idi Amin
Is rampagin’
And he said he wants to clear out all the Asians

Though I’d really
Like to aid ya
I’m afraid you’re
Unskilled labour
You work hard for
Your retirement
But I’m afraid that you don’t meet our points requirement

Got eight million
Folks inactive
I can make ‘em
More proactive
Students, carers
Folks in prison
Who I threw in there for counter-terrorism

Civil servants
Said I’m crackers
So I kicked ‘em
In the knackers
Now off you go to
Potential slaughter
Truly yours, your dearest ever-lovin’ daughter

Home Office is ‘institutionally racist’! The way to end the ‘hostile environment’ is to bring down the Tories: here.

The move to appoint Andrew Sabisky as an adviser to the British government confirms the emergence of a fascist element in the Conservative Party. In blog posts and comments, Sabisky has said, “[V]ery real racial differences in intelligence are significantly—even mostly—genetic in origin” and that “it would be nice” if politicians paid attention “from the standpoint of immigration control …” He has argued, “One way to get around the problems of unplanned pregnancies creating a permanent underclass would be to legally enforce universal uptake of long-term contraception”. here.

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