Trump unwelcome in Brussels, Yemen war

Stop Trump sign for Brussels demonstration, 24 May 2017

Three weeks after the big demonstration against United States President Donald Trump and the Trump and NATO militarism in Brussels, Belgium: now this photo of my home-made protest sign; especially against Trump and NATO support for the bloody war by Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarchy against the people of Yemen.

The complicity of the Trump administration in the Yemen bloodbath is just one of many good reasons to oppose that government; but an important one.

This video from the USA says about itself:

US was fully aware of Saudi targeting of Yemeni civilians – CODEPINK founder

12 April 2017

A group of US lawmakers wrote to the Trump administration asking for more information about a potential sale of smart bombs ‒ aka precision-guided munitions ‒ to Saudi Arabia. They also expressed concern over widespread civilian casualties in Yemen. CODEPINK founder Medea Benjamin joins RT America’s Simone Del Rosario from a protest outside the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC.

From the Yemen Post paper on Twitter, 18 June 2017:

Market MASSACRE: 25 civilians killed by 8 Saudi airstrikes targeting shopping market in #Yemen region Saada as families were shopping.

Saudi Arabia is destabilizing the world: here.

Donald Trump not welcome in Brussels, yet more videos

This 24 May 2017 video is called Thousands Protest Trump Before NATO Summit.

Another video used to say:

A diverse crowd of thousands of people demonstrated against United States president Donald Trump who came to Brussels, Belgium for the NATO Summit.

This 24 May 2017 video is about the BRUSSELS PROTEST: Trump not welcomed in Belgium.

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Trump not welcome in Brussels! (24/05/2017)

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Brussels: Trump Not Welcome March

A report with photos is here.

Trump not welcome in Brussels, more videos

This 24 May 2017 video is called Protest against NATO. “Trump Not Welcome” – Brussels 24.05.2017. This video starts before most demonstrators had arrived.

This 25 May 2017 video says about itself:

Protesters demonstrated against NATO and U.S. President Donald Trump outside of [NATO] new headquarters in Brussels.

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Brussels protest, stop Trump.

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Trump is clearly not welcome in Brussels

Belgians have dressed as Statues of Liberty to protest against Trump’s NATO visit and say his policies are racist and anti-environment.

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Anti Trump protest in Brussels – NATO summit

Colourful, Full of People, Hope, Feminism

Trump not welcome in Brussels, videos

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Protests in Brussels as Trump visits

24 May 2017

Donald Trump arrives in Belgium, a country he once called a ‘beautiful city’, for a NATO summit. Report by Ferdia Carr.

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Belgium: Anti-Trump protesters storm Brussels ahead of leader’s arrival for NATO summit

Thousands marched through the streets of Brussels, Wednesday, protesting the state visit of US President Donald Trump to Belgium. The march was held under the slogan ‘Trump not Welcome‘ and set off at 17:00 local time (15:00 GMT) from Brussels’ North Station. Protesters explained why they decided to attend the demo.

SOT, Protester (French): “I came here because what is happening in the USA is also happening here in Belgium: racism, xenophobia, discrimination and sexism are arriving, and it is symbolised not only by Trump but also in Europe by Marine Le Pen and [Belgian right-wing minister] Francken, and people like that. And therefore I would like to tell you, the people who think like that, that you are not welcome here and we will fight so that your ideas don’t win here.”

SOT, Protester (French): “I am demonstrating against the politics of war, anti-feminist policies, sexism, negation of the problem of climate change, the military supremacy of the western world, the position of military policy of the US and Europe, [INAUDIBLE], it is very global situation.”

SOT, Protester (French): “Therefore, absolutely yes the summit which is taking place tomorrow, so it is the time to protest against western imperialism and we must, as left and progressive and internationalists [do what we can] to denounce it.”

SOT, Protester (English): “He discriminates against women, handicapped people, veterans, refugees, and also he denies climate change, he’s such a moron, and he’s a danger for us all.”

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Thousands march to protest Donald Trump’s arrival in Brussels

Protesters, ranging from rights activists to students, professionals and even teens, marched a 4km route on May 24, after U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in Brussels. An activist camp has been in place in Brussels since 21 May, as protesters slam Trump over his so-called Muslim ban and the planned Mexican wall. Trump is in the country to meet with NATO members and EU leaders, before heading to a G7 summit in Sicily.

This 24 May 2017 Voice of America video says about itself:

Protests Target Both NATO and Trump in Brussels

This 24 May 2017 video is called Brussels protest, stop Trump.

This 23 May 2017 video says about itself:

US expats stage anti-Trump protest in Rome

United States expats staged a protest in Rome on Tuesday, demonstrating against President Trump‘s visit to the Italian capital. Report by Hettie Maylam.

Brussels against Trump, NATO militarism, conclusion

This 24 May 2017 AFP video says about itself:

Thousands protest against Trump in Brussels ahead of talks

Thousands of protesters carrying effigies of Donald Trump march through Brussels after the US president arrived for talks with the EU and NATO.

This 24 May 2017 video says about itself:

Thousands of protesters carrying effigies of Donald Trump have marched through Brussels after the US president arrived for talks with the EU and NATO. The demonstrators condemned Trump’s policies including his recent ratcheted-up anti-Iran rhetoric.

After my latest blog post on the big demonstration against Donald Trump and NATO militarism, now this blog post on the last part of the march.

Hart boven hard, 24 May 2017

The many flags proceeded. On this photo flags of the Belgian ‘Hart boven hard’ (Heart above hardness) anti-austerity movement. And, on the left, the rainbow flag of the LGBTQ branch of the leftist Belgian PVDA party. Between the PVDA flags, also on the left of the photo, the Greenpeace ‘Make peace great again’ banner. Not on the photo, but present, an anarchist flag.

There was a lively group of Redfox, the PVDA young people’s organisation, with their spoof ‘Donald Trump’ on his vehicle.

Pussyhats, on 24 May 2017

And, of course, more pussyhats.

Stock exchange, 24 May 2017

The demonstration arrived at the Brussels stock exchange building. It had been adorned with a banner with the slogan ‘Make peace great again’.

Stock exchange, on 24 May 2017

And with a well-known photo of an Afghan girl who had been mutilated. That photo had been abused for war propaganda, contrary to what had really happened to that girl. Here, it was in its proper context, a warning against the horrors of war.

Make peace great again, 24 May 2017

When people came closer, they could read the small print on the ‘Make peace great again’ banner. On top, five CND peace signs. At the bottom: Invest in peace. #Resist. Greenpeace.

Fight Trump banner, 24 May 2017

As the demonstration continued, it turned out that there were not just banners on the stock exchange building. People, eg, had hung banners like this one from their homes. It said: ‘Fight Trump and his billionaire friends. They have the money. We have the people.’

Brussels demonstration against Trump, 24 May 2017

Also, many people, at their windows and on their balconies, applauded and cheered for the demonstration.

Pussyhats, Brussels, 24 May 2017

The march continued. With, of course, yet more pussyhats.

Have a break, 24 May 2017

A sign said: ‘Have a break. Have a pussy riot‘. A parody of the commercial chocolate bar slogan: ‘Have a break. Have a KitKat’.

Another sign said: ‘Global warming Trump is a hoax‘.

Brussels trees, 24 May 2017

The trees showed us we were almost back at where the march had begun. One more slogan: ‘Change the system to save our planet‘.

We arrived back, at the square and pond near Brussels North railway station.

After the march was finished, Belgian band Jaune Toujours made music. I did not hear or see much of them, as our bus had to go back. So, just this video.

This short music video from Brussels is called Jaune Toujours live @ Trump not welcome… 24 May 2017.

There will be more about this demonstration on this blog, especially videos.

Brussels against Trump, NATO militarism, report continued

This Euronews video, recorded on 24 May 2017, says about itself:

Anti-Trump protest: thousands rally in Brussels

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Brussels on Wednesday ahead of a NATO summit in the city.

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that the big 24 May rally against Donald Trump and NATO militarism near the northern railway station in Brussels, Belgium, was over and the march of over 12,000 demonstrators through the city center had started, to the sound of a drum band.

NATO potato sign, 24 May 2017

As I mentioned, there was a demonstrator’s sign saying ‘You say NATO/I say potato/Let’s call the whole thing off’. A parody of a song by George and Ira Gershwin, from 1937: “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off“. Here it is on the photo.

Brussels against Trump, 24 May 2017

And on this photo, along with other anti-Trump signs.

Another sign said: ‘Trump, stay the hell out of our hole’; a reaction to Donald Trump calling Brussels a ‘hellhole’.

Invest in peace, 24 May 2017

Yet another sign said: ‘Invest in peace, not in war’. It was not far from a parody ‘Donald Trump’ and, again, pussyhats.

Pussyhats, 24 May 2017

Lots of pussyhats.

People shouted slogans, like ‘1,2, 3,4, we don’t want your fucking war! 5,6, 7,8, that is why we demonstrate!’ And: ‘The people united will never be divided’, derived from a famous Chilean song.

There were people in green t-shirts of the Christian trade union federation.

A sign said: ‘War Unite to save our planet’.

And another one: ‘Pro America. Anti Trump’.

Make the struggle great again, 24 May 2017

Various signs parodied Trump’s slogan ‘Make America Great Again‘. Like this big one: ‘Make the struggle great again’.

Greenpeace, 24 May 2017

And this big Greenpeace banner: ‘Make peace great again’.

Refugees, 24 May 2017

Refugees and their supporters were present as well. Slogans were shouted like ‘Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here’.

Socialist Party, 24 March 2017

Above the demonstrators, flags like of the Dutch Socialist Party with their tomato and star pictures.

Mock Trump, 24 May 2017

Slowly at first, because of the relatively narrow crowded street, the demonstrators, including the mock ‘Donald Trump’ on his vehicle, and the Greenpeace banner, proceeded.

Flags, 24 May 2017

So did the many flags.

There will be more on this march on this blog. Stay tuned!

Brussels against Trump, NATO militarism, report

This video is about the big demonstration in Brussels, Belgium against Donald Trump and NATO militarism on 24 May 2017.

As I blogged on this blog, about 17:30 our bus arrived at Brussel Noord railway station; where a big rally against the visit of Donald Trump to the Brussels NATO headquarters was going on.

Brussels photography, 24 May 2017

At the crowded rally around a big pond, we soon found out we were not the only people who had brought photo cameras. We also saw the first of many pussy hats; a symbol of the anti-Trump movement ever since Trump’s infamous anti-women saying ‘Grab them by the pussy’.

Polar bear hats, 24 May 2017

There were not only pussy hats. Critics of Trump’s anti-climate policies on our side of the station pond wore polar bear hats.

Girls bite back, 24 May 2017

On the other side of the pond, people with signs saying things like Girls bite back; Exit Trump, enter Bernie; and Trump and Pence fuck the world.

From the rostrum, a female Belgian speaker denounced the Belgian government’s plans to buy expensive dodgy Joint Strike Fighter military aircraft. A plan denounced on banners in the crowd as well.

NATO game over, 24 May 2017

A slogan on a sign said NATO: game over.

There were flags of the Dutch Socialist Party. And of the leftist Workers Party of Belgium. I saw one flag of the ‘center left’ SP.a party; a sister party of British Labour, German SPD, Dutch PvdA, Greek PASOK, etc. A Workers Party of Belgium member, dressed up like a parody Donald Trump, told me that the Belgian SP.a were ‘little copies of [Dutch Blairite Eurogroup boss] Dijsselbloem‘.

There were also people in jackets of the FTGB trade union federation. And Kurdish flags as well. And flags of the Walloon green party Ecolo and the Flemish green party Groen.

Trump climate criminal, 24 May 2017

A sign denounced Trump as a ‘climate criminal‘.

Trump climate criminal, on 24 May 2017

On the rostrum, a Standing Rock Native American activist against Trump’s support for the anti-climate DAPL oil pipeline. She said, to much applause, that the struggle would continue.

The Young Friends of the Earth were present as well, with their banner.

A Dutch language Belgian speaker spoke about solidarity with people in the USA, to whom bad things happen, like the ‘Trumpcare’ health ‘reform’.

Pussy grabs back, 24 May 2017

A French language Belgian speaker spoke about Trump’s anti-women policies. Which this sign criticized as well. The other sign ‘Grab ’em by the facts’ was also inspired by Trump’s misogyny; and alluded to the Trump administration’s preference for ‘alternative facts’ over facts.

Unfortunately, one weak point in the Belgian’s good speech: she referred to Trump as a ‘populist’; a word that should not be used for racist politicians like Trump, Marine Le Pen in France, etc.

Then came a woman speaker from the USA: Colonel Ann Wright. A former United States soldier, then a diplomat, now a peace activist. To loud applause, she denounced the militarism of Donald Trump and NATO.

There was a sign in her audience, saying: ‘You say NATO/I say potato/Let’s call the whole thing off’. A parody of a song by George and Ira Gershwin, from 1937: “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off“.

Dinosaur, 24 May 2017

Another sign, in German compared NATO to a dinosaur. With a picture of a dinosaur on a tank ‘caterpillar’, firing bullets from its mouth, with the caption ‘NATO-saurus. Too much armour (or: too many tanks), not enough brains. Wanted: extinction‘.

There were people of the German left party Die Linke present as well.

Latin Americans, 24 May 2017

A bit further were Latin American participants in the demonstration. Cubans with Cuban flags (in the center of the photo), Venezuelans, Colombians, Chileans with Chilean flags (on the left of the photo). The banners on the ground were calling for the closing of US American military bases in Colombia, and for stopping United States Trump administration interference in Venezuela.

The rally was over. The march through Brussels city center started. Stay tuned for more reports about that on this blog!

Pro-peace anti-NATO demonstrators arrested in Brussels

This Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty video says about itself:

24 May 2017

Crowds gathered in Brussels to protest against U.S. President Donald Trump, as he arrived to attend meetings with NATO and European Union leaders. Last year Trump referred to the city as a “hellhole,” citing a lack of “assimilation” by Muslims living there.

See also report and photos here.

Before I continue with my blog posts on the big 24 March 2017 demonstration in Brussels, Belgium against Donald Trump and NATO militarism, first now to a day later, 25 May.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Pacifist protests in Brussels because of NATO summit

Today, 15:23

Hundreds of protesters blocked a crossroads in Brussels near the NATO headquarters. With a human chain, they demonstrated against NATO, which has a summit today, with US American President Trump also present.

The Flemish broadcaster VRT reports that all protesters who blocked the road were detained and led away by police.

The protesters of the pacifist movement Agir pour la paix had been near the NATO building since the beginning of the afternoon. According to a spokesperson, NATO is an “unnecessary war machine”.

The movement also demonstrated against the storage of nuclear weapons on Belgian territory.

This morning, Greenpeace activists raised a banner on a construction crane opposite the US embassy, ​​where Trump spent the night.

On the banner was ‘#Resist’.

Greenpeace resist banner in Brussels

Trump … believes that the European member states [oF NATO] must increase their financial contribution to NATO significantly.

Against nuclear weapons, on our way to Trump in Brussels

This video says about itself:

Thousands protest Trump’s Brussels visit

24 May 2017

Thousands of demonstrators holding marches in Brussels, Belgium under the slogan ‘Trump not Welcome‘ held anti-NATO and antiwar signs to protest the US president attending a NATO summit on Thursday. RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports from the protest.

That video is one of various videos on that big demonstration in Brussels. There will be more videos, and photos in my blog posts to come on the Brussels demonstration.

However, before arriving there, we had to travel by bus on that 24 May.

In the bus to the anti-Trump demonstration were people from various parts of the Netherlands, from, eg, the peace movement Oorlog is geen Oplossing (war is not a solution), who have a report and photos on their blog, and the Socialist Party. There was Socialist Party MP Ms Sadet Karabulut, the daughter of Kurdish Turkish immigrant workers. There was a refugee from Somalia, now chairman of the Deventer branch of the Socialist Party. He said this demonstration was important, as wars don’t bring solutions. Eg, in his native Somalia, where the United States armed forces invaded in 1993, proclaiming good intentions; but the results were a chain reaction of bloodbaths in Somalia. He said Bernie Sanders should have won the presidential elections in the USA.

There was a member of the Socialist Party’s young people’s organisation from Zeist town. There was a Socialist Party man from Oldeberkoop village in Friesland province. And two women from Sneek town, also in Friesland. There was someone with a T shirt, saying ‘Stop arming Saudi Arabia‘.

The bus crossed the Lek river bridge. At 12:35, it crossed the Maas river bridge.

We picked up some fellow demonstrators in Den Bosch city. We passed a fountain with dragon sculptures in the city center; and a <a href=””>giraffe statue, modeled on the way famous local painter Hieronymus Bosch depicted that animal, in a city park.

Then, we arrived at the gate of United States nuclear weapons are there; many times there have been protests against them.

These weapons have always been dangerous. Now that Trump is president, they have become even more dangerous.

Our protest that day involved wool (a bit like similar anti-nuclear weapons protests in Britain).

We made a a woolly colourful ‘spider’s web‘ across the access road to the base, blocking the gate.

Volkel, 24 May 2017

This photo shows the woolly spider’s web, with a sign saying ‘Make peace! No war!’, and banners saying ‘Take these nuclear weapons away’ and ‘War is no solution’.

Volkel spider's web, 24 May 2017

Police was present, but did not arrest anyone.

We also hung the banner saying ‘Take these nuclear weapons away’ and other pro-peace banners on the base’s fences.

A women with a Trump face mask on held a spoof ‘Trump‘ speech.

Our bus rode on. Near Eindhoven city there was graffiti about local football club PSV on viaducts. Near Antwerp in Belgium was graffiti depicting ladybugs on viaducts. And also a big traffic jam.

Finally south of Antwerp, we passed Breendonk, during World War II a nazi concentration camp.

We arrived at Brussel Noord railway station, where the demonstration would start. Stay tuned!

Big anti-Trump demonstration in Brussels

Protesters carry effigies of U.S. President Donald Trump and Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel | Eric Feferberg/AFP via Getty Images

From; with more photos there:

Thousands protest Trump in Belgium

A diverse crowd demonstrated against the American president who came to Brussels for a NATO meeting.

By Peter Baugh

5/24/17, 9:15 PM CET

Updated 5/24/17, 9:26 PM CET

BRUSSELS — Omer Mommerts grasped his wife’s hand as he marched down a sidewalk. A sticker reading “Trump Not Welcome” was neatly pinned to his black overcoat. Though Mommerts is 84-years-old and hard of hearing, he wasn’t going to miss the “Trump Not Welcome” protest in Brussels on Wednesday.

“I see young people and that’s why I’m happy,” he said. “It’s not one generation or one group. It’s inter-generational, inter-cultural. All kinds of people.”

Including, eg, Rainbow House Brussels, the local LGBTQ organisation.

I myself was at this big demonstration; and will have a blog post with my own report as soon as the many photos will be sorted out.

Mommerts and around 9,000 others — according to police estimates — gathered to protest U.S. President Donald Trump’s arrival in Brussels where he is scheduled to attend the NATO Summit Thursday as part of his nine-day international tour.

Police estimates are very often too low.

Natalie Eggermont, a student at the Free University of Brussels, helped organize the anti-Trump protest with three other college students. They were inspired by the Women’s March, which drew several million people across the U.S. in January.

Eggermont said she wanted to show Trump that his political ideas are not welcome in Belgium — and she wanted to send a message to her country’s leaders not to follow the president’s lead.

“We’re protesting — not against him as a person, but … a certain political ideology,” said Eggermont. “It’s against militarism, against sexism, racism, discrimination.”

Sigrid Dufraimont, a 33-year-old Belgian native, took a train from Ghent to participate in the protest.

“That’s just shocking to me that this behavior is still tolerated in a western society in 2017,” she said, citing the infamous tape of Trump making aggressive and lewd remarks about women.

The protest began at 5 p.m. outside the Brussels-North railway station. Various activists spoke from a stage set up near the train station.

After an hour of speeches and performances, the protesters began a march through the city. Some carried rainbow flags, some held anti-NATO signs, and others wore the pink “pussyhats” popularized during the Women’s March.

“I’m proud to be here with so many people,” 21-year-old Lauren Van Rouwendaal said.

Despite his dislike of Trump, Mommerts, a Belgian native, said he felt optimistic about the future. The 84-year-old was delighted by the demonstration’s turnout and the show of solidarity.

“I can be hopeful if there is a struggle,” he said. “Without struggle, there is no hope.”

NATO cheers Trump’s military budget. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg hails Trump’s plan to expand military fund: here.