French secret policeman apologizes for murdering Greenpeace photographer, after thirty years

This French 5 September 2015 video shows an interview with Colonel Jean-Luc Kister about the French secret police attack on Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Sorry for bombs on Rainbow Warrior

Today, 11:08

The diver of the French secret service who attached two bombs thirty years ago to the Rainbow Warrior ship has apologized. “This is the right time to show remorse and offer my apologies,” Jean-Luc Kister said in an interview with a French journalist. The attack on the Greenpeace ship killed the Portuguese-Dutch photographer Fernando Pereira.

The Rainbow Warrior was sunk on July 10, 1985 using two bombs in Auckland in New Zealand. The ship was on its way to the island of Mururoa to protest against French nuclear tests in the area. As long as the ship would sail around there, there would be no nuclear weapons tests possible.

Soon after the attack it turned out that it was carried out by the French secret service. …

“I have the blood of an innocent man on my hands,” he [Kister] continues. “It is overwhelming.”

9 thoughts on “French secret policeman apologizes for murdering Greenpeace photographer, after thirty years

  1. I am uncertain how grateful we should think of those who commit spiritual or criminal crimes against so many, whether the philosophy of always giving forgiveness is giving license to commit acts of malice or evil against a individual is hard to say, personally I forgive almost non for crimes against me, as the premise they do not know what they do is questionable? more to the truth is they know what they are doing, and do not care, aiding and abetting is now a password to commit crimes in particular in a age of liberation to do what ever.


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