Fungi and grey heron

Heempark, heather, 5 September 2015

On 5 September 2015, to the Heempark. This photo shows a part of it with heather flowering.

Just past the park entrance, a brown roll-rim. A bit further, many other fungi.

A grey heron standing on the rooftop of a small boathouse. One muscovy duck swimming, another one walking.

Rowan trees with berries.

Blusher, Amanita rufescens, 5 September 2015

One mushroom species seems to do well after the rain of previous days: blusher. This photo shows very young specimens.

Blusher, Amanita rufescens, Heempark, 5 September 2015

And this photo shows a bit older, but still not fully grown specimen.

Jay sound. Great spotted woodpecker sound.

After leaving the Heempark, blue chicory flowers along the footpath.

In Oud Poelgeest woodland, sulphur tuft fungi. And more blushers.

Oak tree, Oud Poelgeest, 5 September 2015

This photo shows an oak tree along a canal in Oud Poelgeest.

Reed, 5 September 2015

We walk back to the Heempark. This photo shows reed on the bank of the Heempark pond.

Fungi in Dutch Drenthe province: here.

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