Volkswagen fraud cars of Dutch police

This video says about itself:

Protest by Greenpeace at Volkswagen headquarters

25 September 2015

Greenpeace activists demonstrate outside Volkswagen headquarters in protest against the diesel emissions scandal that has rocked the auto giant, as it prepares to name its new CEO.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Thousands of police cars with fraudulent software

13 November 2015, 16:23

In the Netherlands, there are about 3,000 police cars driving around with fraudulent Volkswagen software inside. There are about a thousand other government-owned cars like that as well, reports EenVandaag TV show.

There are also Volkswagen police cars yet to be delivered, but these orders will not be reversed, said a police spokesman in the TV program. “The important thing for us is that police work can continue.” Police have a fleet of 12,000 cars.

The 4000 ‘contaminated’ governmental VW cars should early next year go back to the garage for a software update and possibly technical adjustments. The police car importer Pon has been asked to treat the police cars as a priority.


All are together in the Netherlands an estimated 116,000 VW cars are involved in the diesel scandal that erupted two months ago. Worldwide, it is 11 million cars. The software controlling the cars in a test situation emits far fewer pollutants than in practice.

Dutch Volkswagen police cars’ brakes: here.

Dutch Volkswagen police cars corruption scandal: here.

As the wheels keep coming off Volkswagen, PETER FROST looks back in history to chart the company’s involvement with the nazis and schemes to swindle German workers out of their savings: here.

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