Volkswagen polluting fat cat fraudsters scot-free

This 9 July 2017 video says about itself:

VW Bosses Knew Cost Of Emissions Scandal Weeks Before Disclosure

Almost a month before investors were informed, German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported that a Volkswagen manager told the then chief executive and other managers that the carmaker’s diesel emissions cheating could cost up to $18.5 billion.

Investors were told about VW’s systematic emissions test cheating using illegal software on Sept. 18 2015. This was when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency informed markets.

The Sunday newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported that Oliver Schmidt, a VW executive told the then CEO Martin Winterkorn about possible financial implications at an Aug. 25, 2015 presentation. Schmidt was arrested in Miami in January this year.

Another video used to say about itself:

Volkswagen bosses to be paid £49m despite record losses

28 April 2016

Volkswagen is to pay a dozen current and former senior managers a total of about €63m (£49m, $71m) for 2015, despite reporting record annual losses following its emissions scandal.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘Absurd that Volkswagen goes scot-free’

Today, 07:45

It is absurd that nothing is done in the Netherlands about Volkswagen. Their fraud with emissions testing is one of the biggest scandals in the car industry ever. Millions of customers have been lied to and the extra emissions cost lives, but regulators and the government just let it happen.

So says the Consumers Association one year after the Volkswagen scandal came to light. “Customers are tricked,” says director Bart Combée of the Association. “Theis is what jurists call ‘unfair commercial practice’. But the Authority for Consumer & Market (ACM) does not even investigate. Incomprehensible.”

The Consumers Association will now submit an enforcement request to the ACM. …

European Union Commissioner Jourova (Justice and Consumer Affairs) noted this month that in twenty member states Volkswagen has violated the law. …

Under pressure from the US American environmental authority EPA Volkswagen confessed last September that they committed fraud with the emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of diesel cars. Fraudulent software ensures that the car during an emission test does not exceed the maximum allowable emissions of NOx. But on the road the car emits five times as much. That happens in about 11 million cars worldwide. …

Volkswagen was keen to reach a settlement quickly in the USA, because they expected to still come off much worse in a lawsuit. …

In the Netherlands there are 160,000 Volkswagen fraudulent diesel cars.

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