Volkswagen pollution scandal continues

This Euronews video says about itself:

Volkswagen denies Porsche cars involved in emissions scandal

2 November 2015

German car maker Volkswagen has denied cheating air pollution tests with its luxury diesel vehicles as well as its smaller engines.

It follows new accusations by the US government that VW has been economical with the truth. If proven it drags VW’s Porsche line into the scandal for the first time.

Now, over two years later, there is more information about what the Volkswagen bosses’ denial about Porsche is worth.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Massive police raid at Porsche due to diesel scandal

Today, 11:36

Adapted at 12:02

At Porsche in southern Germany, police have done several raids this morning.

Ironically, in quite some countries, police forces buy cars made by Porsche and the rest of the Volkswagen corporation.

Like other automakers, the sports car manufacturer Porsche is said to have tampered with diesel cars by making them look cleaner than they really are.

The German judiciary has organised the raids on VW affiliate Porsche with the deployment of 33 prosecutors and 160 detectives. The raids were at different locations in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. The research focuses on several employees of Porsche. They are suspected of fraud and deceit in advertising.

Audi diesels at Porsche

The fraud scandal started at the end of 2015 with the confession by Volkswagen. The world’s largest car manufacturer had programmed millions of diesels so that they appeared to be cleaner during the admission test.

Also at affiliate Audi there was tampering with diesel engines, which emit much more toxic exhaust and atmospheric particulate matter than petrol cars. Audi supplied six-cylinder diesel engines to Porsche, eg, for the models Cayenne and Panamera.

Eg, BMW, Mercedes and Peugeot, are also suspected of fraud with the emission values ​​of diesels. More and more European cities are taking measures to keep diesel cars out. In Germany, the highest court recently approved this prohibition. Eg, Paris and Madrid want to ban these cars completely.

Volkswagen has paid 25 billion dollars in settlements and fines in the United States. Former CEO Schmidt of Volkswagen in the US has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

Oliver Schmidt is/was a fat cat indeed. But not as fat, and probably not as guilty, as the international bosses of Volkswagen in Germany, who are still scot free and get lots of money.

In Europe, a fine was imposed on Volkswagen in two countries. In Italy the group has to pay five million euros and in the Netherlands almost half a million euros. Owners of fraudulent diesel cars have not received any compensation and most cars have not yet been adjusted.

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