Volkswagen fraud Dutch ‘word of the year’

This video from the USA says about itself:

Volkswagen’s Emissions Scandal Is Even Bigger Than You Thought

November 4 [2015] — Just as Volkswagen AG appeared to be getting a grip on the six-week-old scandal, the embattled carmaker’s crisis deepened amid new revelations that it misrepresented the performance of its vehicles. The German manufacturer’s stock tumbled as much as 11 percent, extending VW’s losses from emissions cheating, which until this week was isolated to a specific type of diesel engine. Volkswagen said late Tuesday that an internal probe showed 800,000 cars had “unexplained inconsistencies” concerning their output of carbon-dioxide, a key measure of fuel efficiency and the basis for taxation and emissions regulation in Europe. The affected vehicles include gasoline-powered models for the first time.

NOS TV in the Netherlands reports today about the vote for the ‘word of the year’ in 2015.

40,000 people voted. Ten words had been nominated. By far most voters, 48%, opted for ‘sjoemelsoftware’, fraudulent software. Meaning the software which the Volkswagen corporation had installed in their cars which cheated about the amount of pollution these cars cause.

Earlier, Dutch linguists had already voted for ‘sjoemelsoftware’ as word of the year 2015. Now, it turns out that the general public agrees with them.

Probably 7 Amsterdam public transport workers killed by diesel pollution smoke: here.

VW and Exxon: indicative of a polluted corporate culture that must change: here.

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