Volkswagen driver interviewed on emissions fraud

This video says about itself:

German Newspaper Says VW Top Executives Knew About the Fuel Usage Scandal a Year Ago

29 November 2015

A German newspaper reports that Volkswagen’s top executives knew a year ago that some of the company’s cars were markedly less fuel-efficient than had been officially stated.

The car company revealed in early November that it had understated the level of carbon dioxide emissions and fuel usage in around 800,000 cars.

The scandal, initially centered on software on up to 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide that VW admitted was designed to artificially suppress nitrogen oxide emissions in a test setting.

However, the Bild am Sonntag reports that VW only uncovered the false CO2 emissions labeling as part of efforts to clear up the diesel emissions scandal, which became public in September.

A VW spokesman declined to comment on whether VW had knowledge already a year ago of overstated fuel efficiency.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

“I have been fooled, just like fraudulent Volkswagen cars‘ drivers in the USA, but I get nothing”

17 August 2016, 20:29

“I feel cheated, yes”, says Stefan Bakker from IJmuiden. The faithful Volkswagen driver owns one of the 160,000 cars with fraudulent software sold in the Netherlands.

Unlike in the US Dutch owners of fraudulent cars are currently not eligible for compensation. “I’ve bought something that is not performing as I had the right to expect. I was cheated, and that should be compensated.”


Last summer it was revealed that Volkswagen had tampered with the results of emission tests on diesel cars. The German carmaker’s software proved to be massively manipulated, so that the actual emissions were much higher than the tests suggested.

A year ago, Baker received the first letter from Volkswagen. “It said that I would get a call for an update of the software in my car. That update was supposed to happen in January, but only in June I received a letter stating that there were all kinds of problems related to the updates. Only recently I received a letter with a new invitation.”

He has not much confidence in the reprogramming of his Volkswagen. “I’ve heard stories from Germany, where certain Volkswagen cars after the update were driving 10 percent less economically. That’s not what Volkswagen has promised, so I’m a little hesitant.”

Bakker doubts whether he will ever buy a Volkswagen again. “My heart used to be with Volkswagen, but I will first wait for the update. I just want this to be resolved. I bought this car because I expected some figures and performance. Then I want my car to meet those expectations.”

Through a settlement duped fraudulent cars’ drivers in the US depending on their cars will be paid damages of up to $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. “Not here,” said Bakker. “Why there and not here? Look, the rules in the US are different than here. They work with big damages. But I bought something that is not performing as I could expect. That should be compensated. Those cars are the same everywhere. They have been tricked there in the US, but here too.”

Volkswagen-Audi boss knew about emissions fraud: here.

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