For peace, against NATO/Trump, Brussels, 23-25 May

Peace poster, Brussels 23-25 May 2017

From Belgian peace organisation intal about this:

Trump is visiting our country on May 25th for a NATO summit in Brussels.

What is NATO? Are they supposed to guarantee the security of their member states? Or do they rather threaten them? intal invites you all for a public conference on NATO and its wars. We are happy to announce in the panel:

Maria do Socorro Gomez Coelho, president of the World Peace Council and active peace activist in Brazil. She will give an insight on NATO.

– Wali Ahmad, refugee from Afghanistan. He will give a testimony on the situation in his country since foreign interventions.

– Helena Casqueiro, lawyer and active with the Portuguese peace movement.

– Lina Dibeh from Syria on the current situation in Syria.

– Iraklis Tsavdaridis, Executive Secretary of the WPC and active in the peace movement of Greece.

The interventions will be short, and there will be room for questions. The evening will be in English, with translation to French. There will be snacks and drinks.

There will be music with Hussein.

Organized by intal, in collaboration with the World Peace Council.

We expect everyone to join us also the next day [24 May] at the Protest MarchTrump Not Welcome. Rendezvous 5pm Brussels North station.

5 thoughts on “For peace, against NATO/Trump, Brussels, 23-25 May

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