President Trump still supports banning all Muslims

Trump and Muslims, Bill Day cartoon

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Entry ban for Muslims is on Trump‘s Internet site again

Today, 12:02

The controversial statement by Donald Trump on a ban for Muslims coming to the USA is back on his campaign website. The statement yesterday for a few hours disappeared from the site. According to the campaign of the next US president that was because of a technical malfunction.

During his campaign, Trump called on Muslims to be banned from the United States. That statement could be found along with other points of view on the campaign website of the Republican.

But yesterday it seemed that the links to the statements had been removed after the elections. The fault was rectified last night around 20:30.


Before that time, the disappearance of the controversial statement about Muslims had led to many reactions. Many people hoped that Trump had moderated his position. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal even praised the president elect for removing the statement. The prince has not yet responded to the news that the links work again.

HOW REFUSING MUSLIM DOCTORS VISAS HURTS RURAL HEALTH “After completing their residencies, many international medical graduates seek a waiver of the requirement that they return home for two years under a federal program known as the Conrad 30. In exchange, they pledge to work for three years in an area designated by the federal government as having a shortage of health professionals or being medically underserved.” [The Intercept]


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