Britain against Donald Trump’s state visit

This 3 June 2019 video from England says about itself:

Trump protests held in London during U.S. president’s state visit

Activists from Stop the War Coalition protested U.S. President Donald Trump’s U.K. visit outside Buckingham Palace on Monday, chanting “Trump go home” and carrying signs like “Dump Trump.”

By Chris Marsden in Britain:

Mass protests as Trump visits the UK

The fight against Trump must become the struggle for socialism

4 June 2019

Tens of thousands throughout the UK are protesting US President Donald Trump’s state visit.

The nauseating display of official pageantry and sycophancy stands in stark contrast to the outpouring of popular hostility to Trump and the fascistic politics he personifies. A massive demonstration is expected today in London as Trump meets with Prime Minister Theresa May, with other protests taking place in towns and cities throughout the country.

For millions, Trump is associated with the grotesque enrichment of billionaires, the gutting of welfare provision and anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim racism. He is the leading representative of a worldwide re-emergence of the far right, represented as well by such figures as Marine Le Pen in France, Matteo Salvini in Italy, Viktor Orban in Hungary and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in Britain.

Workers and young people want to fight back against the growing danger of war and dictatorship, spearheaded by Trump’s threats against China and Russia. But the precondition for such a struggle is the rejection of all calls for an alliance with rival capitalist powers and parties, all of which are turning sharply towards protectionist measures, rearmament and authoritarianism.

Leading figures across the political spectrum are claiming to oppose Trump because of his racist immigration policy and attacks on democratic rights. Within a Labour Party rent by factional infighting, bitterly opposed forces profess that they can “Unite Against Trump”.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn declared in April that he would not attend yesterday’s state banquet in Trump’s honour due to the US president’s “racist and misogynistic rhetoric.” He is due to speak at today’s protest in London. Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry branded Trump a “racist and sexual predator”. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan declared his stand against “one of the most egregious examples of a growing global threat” from the far right.

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