Trump’s anti-Russia nuclear escalation

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Tears up Treaties Pushing for War on Iran, Using Bush-Style Iraq Lies

10 October 2018

As the US ramps up aggression against Iran, withdrawing from agreements and imposing crippling sanctions, Iranians fear Trump and the neocons he surrounded himself with want war – and are echoing Bush-era Iraq “WMD” lies to justify it.

And it is not just Trump’s aggressive policies against Iran. Also against Venezuela. Against Canada. Against Africa. Against China. Against Yemen. Against Syria. Against Afghanistan. Etc.

And now, against Russia. Which may be a bit of a surprise to people who have heard again and again that Trump supposedly does not represent a clique of United States billionaires, but the Russian government. Instead of attacking Trump from the left, eg, about his militarism, his tax cuts for the rich, his homophobia, his misogyny and his witch-hunting of immigrants, eg, the Clintonites in the United States Democratic party usually attack Trump from the right: claiming that Trump is not pushing hard enough for escalation between nuclear armed USA and nuclear armed Russia. The United States establishment is roughly divided into two camps: the Clinton camp primarily anti-Russian; the Trump camp primarily anti-Iranian and anti-Chinese.

When in Stalin’s Soviet Union there was internal criticism and conflict, that was usually blamed on the CIA and other foreign interference. Similarly, now, eg, the Clintonian Democratic establishment in the USA blames internal conflicts in the USA on ‘Johnny Foreigner’, on Ivan (or Vladimir) the Russian. Not just Trump is then attacked as supposedly a Russian puppet; also, eg, the Black Lives Matter movement, or anti-fascists banned from Facebook for supposedly being ‘tools of Russia’.

The main cause of problems of the USA is not that outside it, there is Russia and many other countries. It is that three billionaires are richer than the poorest 50% of people in the USA.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 20 October 2018:

President Trump threatens to cancel the treaty with Russia on nuclear missiles for the short and medium range (500-5000 kilometers). Trump says that Russia does not keep to the agreement, without giving any further explanation.

“We will end the agreement and start producing these weapons”, Trump said. …

The INF Convention has been in force since 1 June 1988. This was the result of negotiations between the then US President Reagan and the Secretary General of the Soviet Union Gorbachev. It prohibits the possession, production and testing of missiles with this range, which are fired from the ground.

‘A Colossal Mistake’: Experts Sound the Alarm After Trump Plans to Ditch Nuclear Arms Control Treaty With Russia. The move “would be reckless and stupid”. By Jessica Corbett.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg delivered the first-ever address by a leader of the US-led imperialist alliance to a joint session of the US Congress on Wednesday, promoting a military buildup against Russia under conditions in which ever greater fissures are threatening to tear NATO itself apart: here.

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