Trump wants nuclear weapons for Saudi royals

This 1 April 2019 video by United States Congresswoman and Democratic party presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii says about itself:

Trump’s Mind-Blowing Approval of Nuclear Tech Sale to Saudis

President Trump’s recent decision to allow U.S. companies to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear technology is both mind-blowing and inexplicable. How does it serve our interests to help Saudi Arabia develop nuclear weapons?

Nuclear weapons for the Saudi crown prince not only do not serve the interests of the people of the USA, but neither do they serve the interests of the oppressed people of Saudi Arabia, many of them poor while the royals are very rich. Or of the people of Saudi occupied Bahrain. Or of the people of Saudi massacred Yemen.

TRUMP VETOES TO SUPPORT SAUDI WAR President Donald Trump on Tuesday vetoed a resolution to end U.S. support of Saudi Arabia’s military campaign in Yemen, which has been blamed for tens of thousands of deaths in the region. He called the resolution “an unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities.” [HuffPost]

Court of Appeal to consider legality of British arms exports to Saudi Arabia. Campaign Against Arms Trade is appealing to overturn a 2017 High Court judgement allowing the British government to continue to export arms to the absolute monarchy: here.

THE WOMAN TAX A tricky gender pay gap emerging in the race for donor dollars in the 2020 Democratic presidential race is seeing woman candidates lose out. The number of women running means they’re losing any advantage that being the sole female candidate would confer. They are also coping with broader sexism in the fundraising process, with some sponsors seeing women as risky bets. [HuffPost]

SAUDI ARABIA DETAINS 2 U.S. CITIZENS Saudi Arabia detained eight people, including two dual U.S.-Saudi citizens, in a new round of arrests in the kingdom targeting individuals supportive of women’s rights and those with ties to jailed activists. It marks the first sweep targeting individuals perceived as critics of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman since the slaying of writer Jamal Khashoggi. [HuffPost]

19 thoughts on “Trump wants nuclear weapons for Saudi royals

    • It is certainly helpful for people in both Russia and the USA that these two governments don’t start a nuclear war.

      Ever since Senator McCarthy, the far right in the USA depicts critics of the United States establishment as ‘tools of the commies’, of the Soviet Union, and now that the communist party no longer rules Russia, ‘of Russia’. While this criticism is caused by inequality, racism and miltarism within the USA itself.

      This smearing of criticism of the government and big corporations as being supposedly ‘Russian’ now causes internet censorship:

      Why would criticizing Trump be proof that someone is a tool of Russia?

      Why would you like the murderous Saudi Crown Prince to have nuclear weapons?

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      • Definitely not. I’m sure we can all agree on that point. I am distrustful of Tulsi and her motives, and so far don’t have reason not to be.


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