Against Trump, NATO, 3 December London demonstration

This 4 June 2019 video from London, England says about itself:

Thousands of protesters greeted President Donald Trump’s U.K. visit with anger and British irony Tuesday, crowding London’s government district while the president met Prime Minister Theresa May nearby.

From the Stop the War coalition in Britain:

No to Trump – No to NATO – National Demonstration

03 December 2019

Assemble: Trafalgar Sq, London – 4PM

March to Buckingham Palace

Facebook Event here

Organised by: Stop the War Coalition & CND

Donald Trump is coming to London in December for the NATO Heads of State summit. On Tuesday 3rd December, the Queen will be hosting a reception for NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace and it’s crucial we raise our voices against the world’s largest nuclear-armed military alliance which is overseen by one of the most reckless US Presidents in history.

Donald Trump is a racist, a misogynist and a climate change denier who threatens communities at home while destabilising the rest of the globe.

NATO, as an aggressive and expansionist nuclear and military alliance, plays a dangerous global role – it’s still in Afghanistan 18 years on and is expanding further into Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

The summit is a crucial opportunity for our movement to oppose Trump, his nuclear warmongering, interventionism and destructive social and political agenda. Let’s unite against war and military aggression and ensure President Trump’s visit to Britain will be met with the response that it deserves.

Assemble at 4PM in Trafalgar Sq on 3rd December for music and speeches before we march to Buckingham Palace saying loud and clear: no to Trump, no to NATO!

Nato is a force for ever-increasing war. LINDSEY GERMAN explains why we should hit the streets to protest against Trump’s visit to Britain next month.

THE Nato alliance — set up to hold back the advance of working-class power in Europe — is unravelling. If US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks that his lightning visit to surf the avalanche of tendentious propaganda celebrating the dismantling of socialism in Europe provides a good opportunity to reinforce US dominance over its European allies he is mistaken: here.

At their summit Wednesday in Brussels, NATO foreign ministers tried to close ranks, despite growing divisions in the alliance as it escalates plans for war with Russia, a nuclear-armed power: here.

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