Stop European Union militarism, Utrecht protest

This music video is of a song by Dutch Arab group Gharib against bloody wars.

Facebook has deleted their Facebook pages. Censorship?

An email from the Netherlands says:

Protest and music for peace and disarmament

Kromhoutkazerne, Herculeslaan 1 Utrecht 15-16H, 24 May 2019

On Friday the 24th of May, the Dutch arms lobby will discuss the new European grants for the arms industry. The arms industry has lobbied extensively and in April they succeeded when the European Parliament voted in favor a 13 billion fund for research and development of weapons and military technology. This is the first time that the EU directly funds military programs on this scale.

The arms industry benefits from these funds, while it doesn’t make the world any safer. European militaristic policy, such as arms exports to authoritarian regimes and military intervention in for example in Iraq and Libya, has only resulted in more conflict and refugees. If we want to address the underlying causes of conflicts we have to invest in just development and climate policy, not in weapons and barbed wire.

Please bring your banner and protest sign. Raise your voice for peace!

Music by Gharib

See here.

German minister of defence to head European Commission. By Peter Schwarz, 4 July 2019. The proposal is aimed at developing the European Union into a military superpower under German-French domination: here.

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