Theresa May scared of London anti-Trump protests

This video from Britain says about itself:

Maz Saleem, UK peace activist. Stop the War coalition Speaker at Trump Not Welcome manifestation [in Brussels, Belgium].

19 May 2017

At the end of May, Donald Trump, president of the United States, comes to Belgium to attend the NATO summit. These past months, Trump caused outrage all over the world: dividing and excluding people, denying climate change, intimidating the media, phasing out solidarity,

We stand united in saying ‘No!’ to Trump, his policy and his European counterparts. Join us at the protest march Wednesday 24 May at 5 PM in Brussels.

From the Together against Trump Facebook page in Britain:

Together Against Trump: national demo

Friday 13 July 2018, 14:00 til 19:00



Donald Trump is now reported to be coming to Britain in July – and we are going to organise a massive national demonstration against his politics of racism, war and hate.

This could be a march of millions. 4% of the population – or around 2 million people have said that they would “definitely” take part in protests against the visit.

This demonstration isn’t just about Trump. The treatment of the Windrush generation has highlighted the British elite’s disgraceful record of racism and bigotry. This is a fight against our own “hostile environment” as well as the American government.

The Stop Trump Coalition is a network of grassroots campaigns, unions, NGOs and politicians initiated by journalist Owen Jones in February 2017. Stand Up to Trump includes a range of campaigns against war, austerity and racism, as well as public figures who have pledged to mobilise against a Trump visit.

Both organisations have come together for a one-off national demonstration under the banner of Together Against Trump.

A mobilising network for the demonstration – with local contact points in every part of the country – will spring into action as soon as a date is announced, organising local actions and coaches to London.

Shaista Aziz, from the Stop Trump Coalition, said: “Donald Trump and Theresa May are running scared of protest. Last year, hundreds of thousands took to the streets at barely a day’s notice in disgust at Trump’s Muslim Ban. If Trump actually comes to London, we could be looking at a march of millions. This won’t just be a movement against the President’s visit – it will become a movement against racism, anti-migrant bigotry, sexism, transphobia and far right politics in the UK”.

“The Windrush scandal has shown this isn’t just about Trump. It’s also about Tory Britain. Our protest is an opportunity for millions to say, ‘enough is enough'”.

Maz Saleem, from Stand Up to Trump, said: “Donald Trump is an open racist and sexist, a volatile and dangerous character who seems set on taking the West into further wars. Together we will put on a massive united show of opposition to him if Theresa May goes ahead with plans for a visit.”

For press inquiries please ring Michael on 07964791663.

Stop Trump’s website can be viewed here.

Stand up to Trump’s website can be viewed here.

This 25 May 2018 video from Wales is called Together Against Trump.

From the (Conservative) Daily Express in England:

‘Trump, BEWARE!’ May warns Donald Trump to STAY AWAY from London as protest fears grow

THERESA May has warned Donald Trump to steer clear of London when he visits the UK in July and meet her at Chequers instead amid growing fears of huge protests when the US President arrives on British soil.

By Latifa Yedroudj

13:40, Mon, May 28, 2018

Britain’s ambassador to Washington DC, Sir Kim Darroch, will announce Mrs May‘s plans to the White House to prepare Mr Trump for his three-day trip to Britain from July 12 to July 14.

According to reports, Mr Trump will not meet the Queen for tea at Buckingham Palace and will instead be greeted at [Windsor], where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex married in a lavish ceremony at St George’s chapel two weeks ago.

The US President is also set to visit Winston Churchill’s birthplace in Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire …

The “out of town” destinations have been proposed in order to prevent Mr Trump from facing rife London protests rampaging across the capital.

Chequers, Windsor Castle and Blenheim Palace are heavily gated and allow for better control of protesters, as the properties span for miles on large estates, effectively keeping any protestors away from the President.

A march across London’s streets has been organised to protest against the US president’s arrival, prompting fears of major unrest.

A senior Whitehall source said: “Two proposals are going to be put to the White House by Sir Kim with the PM’s approval – one for a Downing Street visit, and one to base it around Chequers.

“We have full programmes for both, but it will be made very clear that we would very much prefer it if the president chooses the Chequers option.”

No 10 has proposed plans for Mr Trump to meet Mrs May at Chequers, were former prime minister have hosted an numerous presidents including Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, as well as Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

The US president will also be visiting the Transatlantic security alliance on Friday, where Mrs May and Mr Trump will be inspecting the RAF’s brand new US made F-35B Lightning jets, or a take visit Queen Elizabeth’s new aircraft carrier in Portsmouth.

Mr Trump will have dinner with Mrs May on Thursday night and head to Scotland on Saturday, to play golf with a well-known sports celebrity.

He had previously cancelled a scheduled visit to London to witness the opening of the US embassy earlier in February, criticising its shift to the south of Thames as a “bad deal”.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan told the US President that “Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear”, hinting that protests are likely.

THERESA MAY is “too weak” to stand up to US President Donald Trump’s attacks on British workers, Jeremy Corbyn is due to charge in a speech today. At general union GMB’s annual conference in Brighton, the Labour leader will lash out at the Tories’ “timid” reaction to Mr Trump’s unilateral increase on steel tariffs: here.

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