Donald Trump unwelcome in Greenwich, London

This video from the British Parliament says about itself:

Dennis Skinner compares Trump to Hitler & Mussolini

31 January 2017

The Beast of Bolsover‘s back and recalls bombs “raining” down in the UK during WW2 and hits out at the government being “hand in hand with another fascist“.

From the Evening Standard in England, 15 December 2017:

Donald Trump ‘barred from Greenwich’ after council passes motion to block US president’s visit over far-right tweet

Councillors declared that ‘should a state visit go ahead, President Trump would not be welcome in the Borough’

Patrick Grafton-Green

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has “barred” Donald Trump after councillors called for his visit to the UK to be abandoned.

Earlier this week, America’s ambassador in London signalled that Mr Trump is due to visit early next year – sparking fresh calls for mass demonstrations against the president.

And at a meeting on Tuesday night, the Labour council added its voice to the protests by calling on the Government to abandon the plans.

Greenwich Council said it adopted a motion calling for a state visit to be abandoned, while also declaring that “should a state visit go ahead, President Trump would not be welcome in the Borough”.

The council expressed “alarm at the decision of President Trump to retweet Islamophobic propaganda” and “sadness at the President’s bigoted attitude towards women and ethnic minorities”.

It comes after Mr Trump sparked a global backlash last month after retweeting a string of unverified anti-Islamic videos posted by far-right group Britain First’s deputy leader.

Councillor Denise Hyland, leader of the council said: “On a daily basis we work hand in hand with residents from all communities to ensure this borough is a peaceful and welcoming place that celebrates difference and diversity, but in the case of President Trump we are willing to make an exception.

“We are one of 32 London boroughs, all different, all individual but all home to people from across the world.

“This diversity strengthens our borough. It enriches our lives on a daily basis. And it reminds us all that we have so much more in common than divides us.

“As one of the most multi-cultural London boroughs, we are a place that has worked tirelessly to break down barriers. We have no time for people who want to build walls, when we have done so much to break them down.”

Cllr Chris Kirby, who presented the motion said: “President Trump has regularly expressed abhorrent and aggressive views and in doing so has enabled the spread of division and hatred.

“We have worked incredibly hard in this borough to build strong community ties across all faiths and backgrounds – President Trump’s views, attitude and policies are totally incompatible with that work.”

He went on to say that: “As a council we hold responsibility for more than 270,000 residents. We took the view that we could not stand by and watch the level of public debate be poisoned by the rhetoric that the President and others like him have continued to use.

“We have stood up and made our position clear: there is no place for aggressive, bigoted and hateful rhetoric in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.”

16 thoughts on “Donald Trump unwelcome in Greenwich, London

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  2. Skinner is wrong Trump is not a Fascist. His stupidity sometimes causes Trump to ally himself with Fascist Groups but in the classical sense he is no Fascist on a comparable basis with either Hitler or Mussolini. This is just typical bluff from an Old Left Reformist who has not studied the actual political conditions in the USA to compare Trump with either Mussolini or Hitler. Leon Trotsky in his many writings on Fascism analysed the Conditions and economic conditions The Working class and its organisations have to be atomised broken up Dictatorship has to rule admittedly Trump supports these development but bourgeois democracy exists in the USA and under Fascism there can be democratic discussion Parliament or movement . There are Immigration centres and Trump advocates incarceration but there is still a rule of Law There Are no Concentration Camps or the mass extermination of a Race yet so yet again these Bourgeois Politicians like Skinner through these terms and comparisons without understanding the social basis of Fascism.



    • Hi Laurence, Trump of course is not identical to Hitler or Mussolini or Franco. Hitler and Mussolini and Franco of course also differed in various ways from each other. Eg, Hitler and Mussolini both came to power with support of the government establishment without much bloodshed; while Franco was a military coup d’état and a long civil war. Franco and Mussolini, though both anti-Semitic, were less so than Hitler, etc. etc.

      It is the 21st century now, and one cannot expect fascism (or other political tendencies) now to be identical to when Trotsky wrote in 1930. A present day Trotskyist site, the World Socialist Web Site, does consider Trump a fascist. They also disagree (correctly, I think) with considering Trump ‘stupid’. That is a dangerous underestimation. In the 1920s and early 1930s, many people underestimated Hitler, considering him ‘stupid’, a ‘fool’ or a ‘madman’ or a ‘Charlie Chaplin clone’. A real stupid fool probably cannot even manage to murder his next door neighbour as he may choose a blunt knife to do it. While Hitler managed to found a movement of millions of members and voters, to conquer much of Europe and kill scores of millions of people.

      Trump managed to become president against strong opposition of both the Republican and Democratic party establishments. He is building an armed fascist movement with advisers like Steve Bannon and the National Rifle Association and extreme right generals based on so called ‘gun rights’ and homophobia to gradually work toward a dictatorship:

      His support for the Charlottesville murderous nazis and Britain First is not because of supposed stupidity; it is because these kind of people are the hard core of his base, and he gives his base what they want.


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