British Theresa May breaks promise to Grenfell Tower survivors

This video from Britain says about itself:

Theresa May’s flip-flops and U-turns

4 June 2017

Theresa May is weak and wobbly, not strong and stable. … Here are seven of her top flip-flops.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

6 June 2017

Grenfell Tower survivors could be deported in 12 months despite government immigration amnesty

The Government has confirmed those who come forward to receive support and assistance will receive only 12 months’ limited leave to remain

Tom Peck, Lucy Pasha-Robinson

Theresa May has U-turned on a promise not to carry out immigration checks on Grenfell fire victims, leaving survivors who need help at risk of deportation if they come forward.

The Prime Minister pledged in Parliament not to use the tragedy as an excuse to check residents’ immigration status, but ministers confirmed anyone wanting help must register with Home Office officials and be subject to normal immigration rules after 12 months.

Downing Street confirmed to The Independent that what happens to survivors at that point would “depend on their circumstances”.

Campaigners had raised concerns victims may not come forward for help because they feared questions being raised about their immigration status, with Labour branding the Government’s newly unveiled approach as “grotesque”.

It came as police announced 87 discoveries of human remains in the charred tower, but could not say they belonged to the same number of people because of the “catastrophic damage” in the building.

Ministers also announced they would send a task force to take over parts of the beleaguered Kensington and Chelsea Council following heavy criticism of its response to the disaster. …

Jolyon Maugham QC, a prominent barrister who has volunteered to offer free legal services to Grenfell victims, said: “You can’t really call this an amnesty. The Government is offering not to deport you immediately if you give it the wherewithal to deport you later. It’s hard to see that it will have the response the Government says it desires.”

Karen Doyle, spokesperson for Movement for Justice – an immigration rights group – said: “A 12-month amnesty is like handing over a ticking time bomb to severely traumatised people. Recovery from what happened at Grenfell will be a lifetime process – one that requires people are in a safe and secure environment to make space for that painstaking work.

“Navigating the immigration system, living with constant fear of deportation and being constantly told you are a liar is itself a traumatising process.

“For those who are undocumented, who know what fate awaits them at the end of 12 months, this ‘offer’ means nothing.

“The only meaningful offer would be a complete amnesty with permanent right to remain. Let these people heal.”

Those granted limited leave to remain will have full access to relevant support and assistance, but only for the limited time available.

Diane Abbott, the Shadow Home Secretary, said the possibility of deportation for survivors was “grotesque”.

Ms Abbot said: “The partial amnesty is limited to 12 months, which does not go far enough.

“Some victims have literally lost everything in this horrific tragedy: all their possessions, homes and loved ones. The idea that on top of this they could be deported later is grotesque.

“To access all the support they need without fear of deportation, any survivors concerned about their status must be given indefinite leave to remain. Otherwise, they may just disappear off the grid.”

Two weeks ago, Theresa May told the House of Commons: “We will not use this tragic incident as a reason to carry out immigration checks on those involved or on those providing vital information to identify victims or those assisting with the criminal investigation.

“We will make sure that all victims, irrespective of their immigration status, will be able to access the services they need, including healthcare and accommodation.”

Earlier on Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police said that, even with the team of 250 forensic pathologists and officers that are currently working within the tower, it would still take “many months” for the final death toll to be known.

Commander Stuart Cundy said: “Until formal identification has been completed to the coroner’s satisfaction I cannot say how many people have now been recovered.”

The last visible human remains were extracted on Monday, and 21 people have been formally identified by the coroner and their families informed.

TORY flip-flopper Boris Johnson appeared yesterday to have switched sides again — this time over public-sector pay, after he U-turned on calls to scrap the cap and warned against a “crazy Corbynite splurge”: here.

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  6. Wednesday 12th July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    Prospect of government defeat forces U-turn

    AN INQUIRY into the contaminated blood scandal, which took the lives of 2,400 people, was announced by Theresa May yesterday following concerted pressure from opposition politicians.

    She yielded just hours before MPs were due to debate an emergency motion on the issue that could have led to a government defeat.

    Just two days previously, party leaders, including Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, called on the Prime Minister to order a Hillsborough-style public inquiry in the light of new evidence put forward by former health secretary Andy Burnham.

    Back in April, Mr Burnham charged that the scandal had involved a “criminal cover-up on an industrial scale.”

    Labour MP Diana Johnson, who co-ordinated the letter, said yesterday that victims and their families had been “denied true and meaningful justice” for the “worst treatment in the history of our NHS.”

    NHS blood treatments in the 1970s and ’80s were given mainly to haemophiliacs using blood imported from the US that was infected with HIV and hepatitis C.

    Mr Burnham, now the mayor of Greater Manchester, said the victims had been used as “guinea pigs” and subjected to “slurs and smears” with falsified medical records.

    Ms Johnson told MPs: “Victims and their families deserve to be told what went wrong, why it went wrong and the story of what happened.”

    She condemned the use of blood “sourced from profit-making American firms,” and successive governments who “sidestepped this issue for too long,” adding that the devastation has been spread over decades, affecting nearly everyone suffering from bleeding disorders at the time.

    Fellow Labour MP Alan Johnson pointed out that “vital documents were destroyed.”

    But one document found by former health minister Lord David Owen in 2007 showed that officials knew in 1976 that imported blood products came with a “higher hepatitis risk.”

    Mr Corbyn said: “I think we need the strongest possible inquiry that can, if necessary, lead to prosecution actions as a result but, above all, get to the bottom of it.”


  7. Wednesday 12th July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    MINISTERS are considering axing plans for hundreds of free schools as they try to plug a gap in the education budget, it was revealed yesterday.

    The government is struggling to keep a Tory general election manifesto pledge to increase the education budget by £4 billion, forcing ministers into yet another policy U-turn.

    They had promised to build at least 100 new free schools each year.

    NUT general secretary Kevin Courtney welcomed the news, though he said it was “not before time.”

    He told the Star: “The NUT has argued since its inception that the free schools programme is an expensive and irrational way to provide the new school places we so desperately need.”

    Mr Courtney argued that the free schools programme was “driven by ideology, not evidence,” causing damage and disruption to local schools that are unable to balance precarious budgets.

    The free schools budget has been slashed from £2.3bn in 2015-16 to £1.3bn in the current financial year.

    A Department for Education spokesman said: “The free schools programme is a key component of the government’s work to raise standards, increase parental choice and provide the new school places that we know we will need in the years ahead.”


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  15. Saturday 2nd September 2017

    posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

    A ONE-YEAR immigration amnesty offered to undocumented residents of the Grenfell Tower have been given an extra three months to come forward, the Home Office announced yesterday.

    Those who survived the west London tower block blaze and had been living in the country without official papers were offered a 12-month reprieve in a scheme to encourage them to come forward and “help with the inquiry.”

    The deadline to take up the offer was due to end on Thursday, however the Home Offi ce confirmed the deadline to come forward had now been extended to November 30.

    Grenfell inquiry chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick has written to Prime Minister Theresa May saying their evidence was crucial to his investigation.

    But campaigners said the amnesty offer lacked substance and people wanted assurances they could remain in Britain permanently.

    Justice4Grenfell said: “The evidence of undocumented former residents of the tower could be critical in establishing what actually happened on the night — why would the government wish to prevent such evidence from being given?

    “J4G are calling on the government to both extend the deadline and to grant a lifetime amnesty to anyone who comes forward.

    “To do otherwise merely reinforces the impression that the government is hoping for a cover-up as opposed to a real understanding of all the factors that led up to the disaster that is Grenfell.”

    Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said: “The welfare of survivors of the Grenfell Tower fi re is a priority for this government.”

    The Home Office said figures on how many had signed up to the scheme would be released at a later date but confirmed that it will not conduct immigration checks on those who come forward to help the inquiry.


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