11 thoughts on “Wobbly British conservatives ditch attack on hungry schoolchildren plan

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  10. Friday 21st July 2017

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    JEREMY CORBYN kickstarted his summer campaign blitz immediately after Parliament went into recess yesterday with an appearance in the Midlands.

    This comes after PM Theresa May told her MPs earlier this week to take a “proper break” after splits within the party were revealed by leaks to the press over Cabinet meetings and public displays of backbiting and bickering.

    The Labour leader was in Telford to start his campaign to unseat Tories in marginal seats.

    It is expected to be Labour’s biggest ever campaign outside of a general election.

    In last month’s snap election, Lucy Allan held the Telford seat for the Tories by beating Labour’s candidate Kuldip Sahota by just 720 votes.

    Mr Corbyn, who campaigned in Telford in the runup to this year’s election, visited a primary school before a rally in the town centre.

    He said: “I am delighted to return to Telford. I grew up in Shropshire and try to come back whenever I can. It’s where I learnt about the principles of community and social justice and the importance of looking after our environment.”

    “The Conservatives held Telford by just 720 votes this year. We are campaigning to win here at the next general election, whenever it is called.

    “The Conservatives have run out of ideas, their Cabinet is in chaos, and ministers are divided over Brexit.”

    Earlier the Labour leader also visited the Royal Stoke University Hospital, speaking to NHS doctors, nurses and patients.

    He said that nurses had expressed to him their concerns about the future of recruiting new staff in light of Tory cuts to bursaries.


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