Good Mediterranean gull news

This 25 February 2017 video shows a Mediterranean gull in summer plumage, swimming between black-headed gulls (which should rather be called brown-headed gulls 🙂 … but there already is yet another species of that name) in winter plumage in the Neptunushaven harbour in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Mediterranean gulls are a mainly South European species. In the Netherlands, they nest mainly in Zeeland province and the adjacent part of South Holland province in the south-west.

The Dutch SOVON ornithologists report today that at least 1550 Mediterranean gull couples nest on the Ventjagersplaten sand banks in South Holland this summer. The biggest Mediterranean gull colony ever in the Netherlands. About 1600 young birds fledged, which is good.

In Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region in Zeeland an estimated 1500 more couples are estimated to have nested.

I saw these beautiful gulls from a ship from Turkey to Greece.

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