Butterflies, damselflies, birds and flowers

Map butterfly, 9 July 2016

After we had arrived at Huis ter Heide near Tilburg in the Netherlands on 8 July 2016, on 9 July we went to that nature reserve again. First, we saw this map butterfly, on a very young oak tree.

Sounds of a green woodpecker and a chiffchaff.

In a Rauwe Vennen lakelet, a flock of gray lag geese and two grey herons.

We arrive at a bigger lake, the Leikeven. On and around the sandy footpath near this lake, thousands of Crabronidae wasps have their nests.

Leikeven, 9 July 2016

People can walk across the Leikeven on a boardwalk.

Coots swim. A young black-headed gull.

Marsh St John's-wort, 9 July 2016

In the shallow water grow plants; like marsh St John’s-wort.

Marsh St John's-wort, Leikeven, 9 July 2016

Also spoonleaf sundew and shoreweed.

Many common blue damselflies. Sometimes sitting on shoreweed, sometimes on other plants, sometimes flying.

White wagtails on the boardwalk.

Not far away, two adult great crested grebes and their four chicks swim.

Mating common blue damselflies, 9 July 2016

On the boardwalk, this ‘tandem‘ of mating common blue damselflies.

We see many more common blue damselfly tandems. Though, at first sight, there are more males than (less conspicuous) females. Along a common blue, a smaller, reddish damselfly flies. Maybe a small red damselfly.

Common blue damselflies, 9 June 2016

Near the end of the boardwalk, hundreds of common blue damselflies, sitting on plants and flying.

The next lake is Plakkeven. From a birding hide, we see a moorhen.

On the footpath, a male black-tailed skimmer dragonfly.

In the Bodemven lake swim little grebes and mallards.

Finally, three parasol mushrooms.

Stay tuned, as on 10 July we went to Huis ter Heide again.


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