Golden pheasants in Shaanxi, China

In this video you can see, eg, these birds:

Chinese golden pheasant [after 2 minutes], Larus melanocephalus (Mediterranean Gull), Eurasian spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia), Caspian Gull (Larus cachinnans), Squacco Heron, White Stork, Double-crested cormorant, Crested Duck.

After our arrival on 4 April 2018 in Yangxian county in China came 5 April. Still in Yangxian.

We went to a hide to see golden pheasants.

On our way, crested ibis statues on city lampposts.

Yangxian, 5 April 2018

We passed beautiful fields of the countryside.

Yangxian fields, 5 April 2018

Yangxian fields, on 5 April 2018

After arrival at the hide, we saw many other beautiful birds before the first golden pheasant turned up. These other birds will have their own, later, post on this blog.

Golden pheasant female, 5 April 2018

At ten minutes past nine, the first golden pheasant arrived. It was a female, going to feed at a stoney table.

Then, we had to wait about three hours for the next pheasants.

Golden pheasant male fight, 5 April 2018

They were three males. It being mating season, one might expect them to fight. But that did not happen, except for the brief episode on this photo.

Golden pheasant three males, 5 April 2018

Nearly all the of the time, about 15 minutes, they just walked around and fed, watching each other, but not attacking each other.

Golden pheasant male, 5 April 2018

Maybe the weather was too cold for fights?

Golden pheasant male on tree, 5 April 2018

Golden pheasant male on tree, on 5 April 2018

But not too cold for eating?

Golden pheasant male on tree stump, 5 April 2018

Then, no more pheasants for some hours again. There was a squirrel.

Stay tuned, as the golden pheasants will be back!

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