Irish women’s victory against wobbly Conservative-fundamentalist British government

This video from India says about itself:

Abortion row: I get my strength from Savita, says husband

26 November 2012

As the probe continues into the death of his wife Savita, who was denied an abortion in Ireland, Praveen Halappanavar tells NDTV that he has no faith and trust in the inquiry and that it is a cover-up. He also recounts memories of how Savita was looking forward to being a mother.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Queen’s Speech: Tories forced to allow free abortions for Northern Irish women

Friday 30th June 2017

Landmark decision forced by Labour attack

A LANDMARK decision was taken yesterday to allow women travelling from Northern Ireland to have free abortions as the government scrambled to deal with Labour challenges to the Queen’s Speech.

Labour MP Stella Creasy had previously tabled an amendment to let Northern Irish women have free abortions via the NHS in England, as they are barred in Northern Ireland except where the mother’s life or mental health is in danger.

And in the face of overwhelming pressure the government fudged a solution by “refusing” free NHS abortions — but paying for them using government equalities office funding instead.

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s announcement offers a face-saving sop to the 10 MPs of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which the government relies on to maintain its majority.

The Northern Irish party, which has a hardline antiabortion stance, would have been placed in an awkward position during the final Commons vote on the government’s legislative programme if the amendment had stood.

Following Mr Hammond’s announcement Ms Creasy withdrew her proposal and tweeted: “Sisters in Northern Ireland we will hear your voices — have asked for speedy meeting with govt to make this a reality!

“Thank you to MPs on all sides who supported call for change to help Northern Irish women have equal access to abortion.”

A British Pregnancy Advisory Service spokeswoman said: “We are absolutely delighted that the government has committed to funding abortion care for women who travel from Northern Ireland to England.

“This is a landmark moment: for years the women of Northern Ireland, despite being UK citizens and taxpayers, have not been entitled to NHS-funded treatment.

“Clearly this is not the solution to the gross injustice whereby women in Northern Ireland are denied access to abortion care at home, and we look forward to seeing progress on that front.

“Nevertheless this is an important moment, and we commend all those who have worked so hard to make this happen.”

So desperate is May that the government was forced to make a last minute agreement to help Northern Irish women forced to pay privately in England for abortions. This was in order to stymie a proposed Labour amendment aimed at challenging Northern Ireland’s extremely restrictive abortion laws. If passed, it would have thrown the Tory agreement into danger as the DUP is anti-abortion: here.

ABORTION rights campaigners hit out at a “deeply disappointing” appeal court ruling yesterday that it is for the Northern Ireland Assembly to decide whether women should be allowed to have pregnancies terminated. … Alliance 4 Choice told the Star it was “a day of highs and lows for women in Northern Ireland seeking free safe legal access to abortion,” adding: “We will continue to campaign for free safe and legal access to abortion in Northern Ireland”: here.

SINN FEIN announced yesterday that talks aiming to re-establish a power-sharing government in Northern Ireland had collapsed, blaming the failure to reach an agreement on the DUP’s recent pact with the Tories: here.

10 thoughts on “Irish women’s victory against wobbly Conservative-fundamentalist British government

  1. Shaky ground

    CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond jumped in smartly yesterday to announce the government’s intent to fund abortions in England for women arriving from Northern Ireland, but his motivation was self-preservation.

    Had he believed that the Tory-DUP axis had sufficient votes to defeat Stella Creasy’s amendment, poor women in the six counties could have whistled for the right to choose denied them by local political bigots.

    At best, they would have been told, as public service workers were on Wednesday, that “we sympathise with your plight, but we don’t have cash to spare.”

    Creasy is right to be sceptical over the details of Hammond’s plan, but the reality, as the Chancellor sees it, is that the government has no alternative but to make funds available to the organisations providing this service to women.

    He has been forced into taking action by the government’s overall weak position and the scale of parliamentary support for the Creasy amendment.

    This victory, just days after the Tories cobbled together their pact with the DUP, has enormous implications for Theresa May’s government. It indicates that the Prime Minister is on shaky ground. Her days in office are numbered.

    By-elections, defections and unforeseen MP absences can serve to erode her majority and the morale of her backbenchers.

    Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour opposition has prime responsibility for leading the parliamentary campaign to unseat May, alongside mass popular protests such as tomorrow’s People’s Assembly Against Austerity demonstrations in London and Glasgow.

    The job of opposition isn’t assisted by Chuka Umunna’s self-indulgent amendment on membership of the EU internal market, which helps the Tories to portray Labour as split on the EU.


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