British government deports gay Afghan refugees to their deaths

This October 2016 video is called Desperate journeys: Afghan asylum seekers in EU could face deportation.

From ANI news agency in India:

Gay Afghans can be deported to their country, only if they pretend to be straight

26th February 2017 04:19 PM

LONDON: Under new British Government guidelines for handling asylum applications, gay Afghans can be deported to their country, but they will have to pretend that they are straight, as homosexuality is illegal in Afghanistan.

The Home Office’s own Afghanistan unit, however, has criticised the guidance, whereas human rights groups have denounced the same, considering it as a violation of international law, as stated in the Guardian.

The document, dated last month, clearly mentions the number of risks the LGBT Afghans face from their families, Afghan laws, and from Taliban insurgents, as homosexuality is considered a taboo in the country.

In the Guardian, from a reaction to the new send-them-back policy:

“We are deeply concerned at the suggestion that the prevalence, especially in the Pashtun community, of the practice of bacha bazi [pederasty] implies an acceptance of certain homosexual conduct,” warns the document, signed by the head of the unit.

“Its occurrence reflects Afghanistan’s inability to deal with child sexual abuse and paedophilia. It should not be associated with consensual homosexuality and attitudes towards this.”


5 thoughts on “British government deports gay Afghan refugees to their deaths

  1. Monday 27th February 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    A WOMAN being held in the notorious Yarl’s Wood detention centre fears for her life as she faces deportation to Pakistan tomorrow.

    Zoya Nadeem lives with her mother and two brothers in Sheffield. They fled Pakistan following harassment over her brother Zohaib being gay and her other brother Danyal being profoundly autistic and unable to speak. Homosexuality is illegal in Pakistan.

    Ms Nadeem has been in Britain for 14 months and she has spent half of that time in detention after claiming asylum.

    Friends have organised a campaign for her support in Sheffield and have written to Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

    Her mother Saida told the Morning Star: “Back at home the fear of persecution is still there. My brothers in Pakistan know about the sexuality of my son. He is in a civil partnership here with a British guy.

    “If we go back they will kill us, but Zoya is being refused permission to stay. Whatever we say, the immigration people are not believing it. They have no compassion, no humanity.”

    Carrie Hedderwick, a member of the campaign supporting Zoya’s appeal for asylum, said: “Things are now critical with the Nadeem family.”

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