German demonstration against deportation to Afghan war

This video from Germany says about itself:

Activists March Against Deportation of Afghan Refugees

24 January 2017

Activists staged a demonstration at Frankfurt airport on Monday to protest the recent deportation agreement between Germany and Afghanistan.

In a joint operation carried out by federal and state authorities, 26 Afghan refugees were deported on 23 January with officials putting them on a plane in Rhein-Main airport in Frankfurt, Germany and flying them to Kabul. This was the second mass deportation of this kind, following the deportation of 34 Afghan refugees on 14 December: here.

The brutal deportation policy of the central and state governments in Germany is driving more and more refugees to commit suicide: here.

“The only way to prevent the madness of deportations and war is a socialist program,” declared Marianne Arens, an election candidate of the Socialist Equality Party (SGP), at a demonstration of pupils in the town of Offenbach last week. On Tuesday around 500 students, Offenbach residents and workers followed the call to protest against the deportation of refugees to Afghanistan: here.

26 thoughts on “German demonstration against deportation to Afghan war

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