British government sends Afghan refugee to death illegally

This video says about itself:

Pilot refuses to return failed UK asylum seeker back to Afghanistan

31 August 2017

Samim Bigzad
– Received death threats from Taliban
– Applied for asylum in UK
– Has UK-based father who needs care
Detained without warning after asylum rejected

By Felicity Collier in Britain:

Kent asylum seeker returning to safety

Monday 18th September 2017

Samim Bigzad on his way home to Britain from Afghanistan

AN ASYLUM-SEEKER from Afghanistan who fears for his life was being flown back to Britain yesterday after the Home Office went against legal advice and deported him.

Samim Bigzad has been targeted by the Taliban, who threatened to behead him, because he has worked for a construction company with links to the Afghan government and the US military.

Campaigners from Kent Anti-Racism Network told the Star that before being deported last Tuesday he had been gagged to prevent a disturbance that would result in him being removed from the flight and, when he tried to call out, was punched in the head.

Until yesterday morning he was holed up in hotel rooms in Turkey and then the Afghan capital Kabul, where at one point a group of men with guns had demanded to know his whereabouts.

Legal experts and campaigners said Home Secretary Amber Rudd had defied the law by continuing with the extradition after ignoring two High Court orders preventing Mr Bigzad’s removal, with one judge branding it “prima facie contempt of court.”

Kent Anti-Racism Network’s Bridget Chapman said Ms Rudd had “applied to the court to have the previous two court orders overturned.”

Solicitor Jamie Bell told the Star that further attempts by the Home Office to prevent Mr Bigzad’s return were refused and he had started contempt of court proceedings against the Home Secretary.

As the Star went to press, following a third court order and a four-hour hearing, Mr Bigzad was in Istanbul waiting for a flight back to Britain.

The Home Office dragged its feet in responding to lawyers’ requests, Mr Bell said, but he now “eagerly and hopefully” awaited Mr Bigzad’s return and will continue representing him in his legal battle.

Ms Rudd appeared on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show yesterday, on which she said: “Deportation is an important part of managing our immigration process.”

Mr Marr attempted to draw her into commenting on being “in contempt of court,” and whether she would have to apologise.

She said she would abide by what courts asked her to do but refused to comment further, saying that the case was “ongoing.”

The Home Office also refused to comment on what it described as “ongoing legal proceedings.”

Foreign interference can ruin a nation, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai tells The Oslo Times.

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  1. Friday 22nd September 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    Home Office position ‘remains unchanged’

    by Felicity Collier

    THE Home Office still plans to refuse an asylum-seeker the right to remain despite losing three court orders demanding his return to Britain after he was illegally deported to Afghanistan last week.

    Samim Bigzad was finally returned to Britain on Sunday after spending five days in a hotel in Kabul where armed men were seen outside.

    The 22-year-old says he is wanted by the Taliban because he worked for a US company while living in Afghanistan two years ago.

    Yesterday, his solicitor said that further asylum claims could be made. But the Home Office saidZits position — to deport Mr Bigzad again — “remains unchanged.”

    Jamie Bell of law firm Duncan Lewis told the Star that Mr Bigzad “is tired and overwhelmed. But he has always got a smile on his face and keeps going on.

    “He’s struggling to believe that he is back with his friends and family, and is grateful.”

    In order to keep Mr Bigzad in Kabul, the Home Office defied three court orders by senior judges. The battle finally came to an end on Saturday when the government lost a four-hour hearing at the Court of Appeal.

    Mr Bigzad’s team has now opened contempt of court proceedings against the Home Office, with one immigration barrister claiming that Home Secretary Amber Rudd could face jail over the case.

    Writing in the Independent, barrister Rachel Francis said the wrangling over Mr Bigzad’s fate “could land Amber Rudd in court for contempt and ultimately, in prison.”

    Mr Bell also believes that the Home Office deliberately made the decision not to take Mr Bigzad off the the plane to Kabul.

    On Wednesday night, Mr Bigzad slammed Ms Rudd for “playing” with his life.

    “I was on the news, any time they will come and kill me,” he said.

    Mr Bigzad is currently in Ramsgate with a family from the charity Refugees at Home.

    Bridget Chapman from the Kent Anti-Racist Network has sent a freedom of information request to the Home Office asking how much it has spent on Mr Bigzad’s detention, security guards, legal fees and a flight which she says included seats “deliberately kept empty to facilitate the deportation.”

    The Home Office has not made any comment to Mr Bigzad’s solicitors since his return.

    In an email to the Star, it joked that it has a “proud history of granting asylum to those who need our protection.”


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