Theresa May flops at British Conservative conference

This satiric music video from Britain says about itself:

Theresa May – “Are You Gonna Go My Way?

4 October 2017

Theresa May coughs and splutters her way through a Lenny Kravitz classic at the Conservative party conference.


Been PM since last year, when David Cameron resigned
I have come to deliver Brexit, and I won’t leave until I’m done
So you must give me your trust
I’ve got to breathe and suck a Beechams
First I lost our majority
Now I’ve lost my voice mid-speechums

But what I really want to know is
Are you gonna go my way?
And I got to got to know

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Tories in tatters

Thursday 5th October 2017

May splutters through chaotic speech as her message falls apart behind her

THERESA MAY was said to have “confirmed her failure” as PM yesterday after she delivered a disastrous speech that was upstaged by a prankster, her own cough and a stage malfunction.

In the middle of her speech to Tory conference, comedian Simon Brodkin — also known as Lee Nelson — interrupted to give her a spoof P45, which stated it was “requested” by Foreign Secretary and leadership hopeful Boris Johnson.

After she accepted the P45, Mr Brodkin was removed by security guards while Tories shouted: “Get him out.”

Trying to gloss over the embarrassing ordeal, Ms May then used it as an opportunity to joke that she would like to give Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a P45.

The speech — in which she made dodgy promises of £2 billion to build a “new generation of council houses” and a pay cap on energy bills — was also blighted by her incessant cough, strained voice and the letter F falling off the slogan “Building A Country That Works For Everyone” on the backdrop behind her.

It is understood that only 25,000 new homes over the next five years, to be rented at “well below market level,” could be built with the additional cash that councils and housing associations will have to bid for.

Also, her aides suggested that the energy cap announcement could be redundant if regulator Ofgem decides on an effective price cap before the government’s draft Bill is published next week.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell pointed out that Ms May had made commitments totalling £15 billion by the time her speech was finished, without saying how the government would find the cash.

Ms May apologised to Tory activists for running an election campaign this year which was “too scripted, too presidential” and led to the loss of her Commons majority.

Labour’s shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett said: “This was supposed to be the speech where Theresa May relaunched her flailing premiership, but it only confirmed her failure.

“She admitted Britain faces great problems but all she has to offer are watered-down versions of Labour’s ideas, reheated policies, and empty promises.

“On housing there were warm words but nowhere near enough action; on tuition fees she talked of a ‘review’ but failed to mention that the Tories trebled them to over £9,000; and on energy bills, she provided no clarity after months of confusion and U-turns.”

Mr Trickett pointed out that the spluttering PM also failed to put forward solutions to tackle the crisis in the ailing NHS, which has been run down by her own party.

“Rather than apologising to her party, Theresa May should have taken the opportunity to apologise to the public for a record of failure,” he said.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady described the speech as “thin gruel” and “a missed opportunity to outline the new deal for working people that Britain so desperately needs.”

The Radical Housing Network criticised the government for pumping £10bn into the Help to Buy scheme which “provides subsidies to a small number of people, and does nothing to address the chronic shortage of low-cost housing.”

It claims that the £10bn given to would-be homeowners could be enough to build the amount of social housing that is needed.

Ms May was further humiliated after her speech drew to a close as footage showed Home Secretary Amber Rudd ordering Mr Johnson to stand up and applaud his boss. Eventually he joined his Tory colleagues and delegates in a standing ovation.

This satiric music video from Britain says about itself:

Theresa May – “Coughing on TV” (Blur cover)

4 October 2017

Theresa May‘s coughing fit during her Tory party conference speech inspires an impromptu Blur cover.


Do you feel like a Strepsil?
Coughing out your guts
Is this some kind of payback
For public sector cuts?
Oh great, now my voice has gone
And it’s getting worse
All that time I wasted
Just to rehearse

Now watch me coughing on TV
The whole party
Looks like they’ve just seen a ghost
Though they try to encourage me
Socialists are stoked
That I got up and choked
Take me away from this big, bad stage
And get me that Brodkin chap
So I can give him a slap

Ex-Tory minister Ed Vaizey claims ‘quite a few’ MPs think Theresa May should resign after conference speech. Prime Minister’s position could be in doubt after a chaotic conference speech where she was interrupted by a protester and plagued by coughing fits throughout: here.

Theresa May has big ambition – but her plans are not radical enough to tempt voters away from Corbyn. The simple fact that is that there are now many people in the UK who don’t believe in the verity of the capitalist approach: here.

Theresa May’s crisis has deepened today with a new poll showing Labour surging ahead of the Conservatives, while the public now also has a clear preference for Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. The exclusive survey for The Independent by BMG Research now has Labour five points ahead of the Tories, who are still reeling from a coup launched by ex-ministers to overthrow Ms May: here.

Grant Shapps: Ringleader of failed Theresa May coup accuses Tory MPs of hurling ‘abuse and bile’ at him. ‘The level of abuse and bile which has rained down since is simply unprecedented in my own experience of politics’: here.

And, apart from the scandals of the living British Conservative Prime Minister, there is the scandal of a dead Conservative Prime Minister.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Police would have had sufficient grounds to question Sir Edward Heath over allegations he raped and indecently assaulted boys were he alive today, an investigation has found.

Wiltshire Police said seven historic claims spanning from 1956 to 1992 would have been sufficiently credible to justify interviewing the former Conservative Prime Minister under caution.

Tory party on verge of leadership contest after disastrous conference performance by May: here.

Prime Minister Theresa May dined with the leaders of the 27 European Union member states last night, prior to today’s discussions—held in her absence—at the EU Summit in Brussels. May arrived after suffering a humiliating parliamentary defeat Wednesday due to a rebellion by 11 Conservative MPs: here.

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