Donald Trump gets endangered cheetahs’ fur from Saudi king

This video says about itself:

Rapid decline of cheetahs due to depleting habitat & poaching

27 December 2016

Scientists are warning that the cheetah is rapidly heading towards extinction, with depleting habitats and poaching to blame for the plummeting numbers. CCTV’s Clementine Logan reports.

From the (Conservative) Daily Telegraph in Britain:

Cheetah-fur robes and silver dagger among 83 gifts Donald Trump received from Saudi Arabia

By Emma Gatten

5 September 2017 • 7:21pm

The White House accepted 83 gifts from Saudi Arabia during a presidential visit by Donald Trump earlier this year, including cheetah and tiger fur-lined robes,

Tigers are endangered animals. Tiger products are illegal in most countries. Cheetahs are endangered. Most people found out to have cheetah fur robes or leopard fur robes get arrested by police. Apparently, there is one law for most people, and quite another law for the king of Saudi Arabia and for Donald Trump.

a silver dagger in a mother-of-pearl sheath and several swords.

Mr Trump was also gifted an artwork of himself during the visit, which took place in May this year and was his first trip abroad as president.

Previous US presidents have tended to visit neighbouring countries such as Mexico or Canada on their first foreign visits.

During the trip the US said it signed deals worth more than $350bn (£270bn) with the Saudis, including a $110m weapons deal that the White House heralded as historic in size.

The list of items was obtained via a Freedom of Information request and published by magazine The Daily Beast on Tuesday.

“Trump’s decision to visit Saudi first clearly signaled his top prioritization of America’s most profitable relationship with its number one weapons client in the world,” Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division, told the Daily Beast.

Mecca imam slammed for claiming Trump ‘steering world to peace’. Abdul Rahman al-Sudais claims Saudi Arabia and US are leading world to peace and security, sparking outcry on social media: here.

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